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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Desert Dan

I'm sitting here waiting on Dan to call me.  It's about 8:30 am EST but he is 9 hours ahead in Dubai.  He typically calls me when he gets back to the hotel after work.

Yesterday he hadn't called so Peter and I decided to call him while we were eating donuts (him) and drinking coffee (me) while we were waiting on carpool.

Dan answered the phone and said he would call us back.  He then texted that the cab driver was lost and he (my husband!) was having to direct him back to the hotel.

When Dan finally called me back, he said the driver had no idea where he was going.  Dan noticed after a bit that they were near a place they had eaten lunch earlier in the week, a place that is in the exact opposite direction of the hotel.  So a trip that should have taken them 15 minutes ended up taking about 40.  Luckily Dan has a great sense of direction.  If it had been me in the cab we would still be wandering aimlessly through the city...

And speaking of Dan, I wanted to share a few pictures he sent me this weekend.  Even though they've been working every day, they decided to take off early one afternoon and take a desert tour.

They headed about 40 miles outside of the city where they toured the dessert, took a camel ride, and then had a desert banquet complete with a show.

Belly Dancer!
Whirling Dervish!
Fire Breather!
Traditional dinner complete with chicken and lamb.


Madeline said...

How cool the things he gets to see!! Hope you had a good talk today!

Mari said...

I enjoyed the pictures!

RR Mama said...

My sense of direction is terrible too. I always drive and Hubs navigates. He doesn't even try to tell me things like in 3/10 of mile turn north on to ABC Street. He say stuff like when you reach the Exxon station up there on the left, turn left. Or in about a 2 miles you are going to need to turn right so go ahead and start to move over to the right. He knows me so well.