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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 4

It's Thankful Thursday!!! Here's a few of the things I've been thankful for this week.

1. The peaceful beauty and the quiet of the snow. While I don't like snow in general because it just messes everything up.  BUT - it is so beautiful and peaceful and just plain lovely that I just can't resist being thankful for it.

2. A house full of laughing teenagers.  The kids had a sleepover last weekend and I loved having a full house.  More than that, I loved hearing them laugh and joke and talk.  Teenagers do come with their own issues but I am really enjoying this phase of motherhood.

3. Colton and Cheyanne.  I am very thankful that Peter and Sarah have them as friends.  They met when Peter was 3 and Sarah was 1 1/2 so my kids don't ever remember a time when they weren't friends.  I love that my kid's best friends are my best friend's kids.  I pray that they remain close through the years no matter where life takes each one of them.

4.  Paper towels.  I know this is a weird thing to be thankful for but the other day I was going through a bunch of them and was very glad I had them!  I was reminded of a friend that told me right after she and her husband were married they were on a very strict budget and one of the things they stopped buying was paper towels.  They just used dish towels instead.  I remember thinking at the time I wasn't sure I could stop using paper towels.  so I'm very thankful that our budget always for conveniences like paper towels!

5. Travel mercies.  I am always thankful to God for travel mercies when Dan is gone.  Dubai is a long way from home.  I am thankful that Dan made it there safely and that he hasn't run into any issues while he's been gone.

6.  Smell of coffee.  It goes without saying that I am thankful for coffee but I am also thankful for the way the aroma fills the kitchen each morning when I make my first cup.

7.  My girls!  I finally had lunch with Jennifer this week and coffee with my care group this morning.  Nothing fills up an empty tank better than time spent with friends laughing and catching up.

8.  Tulips.  Tulips are my favorite flower so I was excited to see this big bunch of them at Costco this week for only $9.99,

9.  Colorful sunrises.  Several days ago, I looked out while the kids were getting ready for school and the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous.  It looked like God had painted the sky with a pack of neon highlighters. Of course you can't tell it in my picture but it was breathtaking.  I am always thankful for a beautiful sunrise.

10.  My sweet dad who never "tires" of helping me.  I am very thankful to have my dad next door - especially when I have a tire with low air and he has a giant air compressor.

What are you all thankful for this week?


Billie Jo said...

This is such a beautiful list of your thankful things.
So inspiring.
You know, I agree with you about the teenagers.
I think they, in general, get a bad rap.
I always felt I would be devastated when the baby stage...the toddler stage...the preschool stage...etc. were over.
But I am so enjoying the teen years!
SO much fun.
And wait until your sweet daughter turns 21 and becomes your best friend. : )
I am thankful for health, for my husband and family, for cozy throws and Maxwell House Vanilla Instant Coffee, and for Blog friends, who make me feel as if I am not alone in this wonderful world of motherhood.

Gigi said...

I had to laugh when you wrote that you were thankful for paper towels. This would be something that my husband would be grateful for - this man goes through SO MANY PAPER TOWELS that it's actually an inside joke around here. Don't get me wrong, I am also thankful for them - but not to the level that he is.

Mari said...

I'm thankful for paper towels too!
Tulips are my favorite as well - they just shout Spring to me!

Ernie said...

Oh my - when Coach was a full time grad student and Laddie was a baby, we were on a budget that included using paper towels very sparingly!

I am grateful for my free membership to the workout facility (free because Coach's clinic is connected to this very posh facility), for my new double oven because I can make so many cookies at once, for Lad being happy at the college he transferred to (phew), that I found a place for Ed to take a practice ACT test this morning before he takes the real thing again in a few weeks, for Mini's awesome confirmation sponsor who took her to dinner Friday night, and that I realized this week that the Irish dancing championships this summer will NOT conflict with our babysitter's wedding in July (I originally thought we were going to miss it). Thanks for asking!