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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What day is it??

It's Tuesday but it feels like Monday.  Not sure yet whether that's a good thing or not.

I've got several things planned this week that might have to be adjusted based on the impending threat of snow.  The powers-that-be are calling from 0 to 3 inches starting tonight.  If we get three inches things will be closed for days.  If we get 0 inches, I bet one or both of the kids will still go in late. 

I don't get it either.  But it's the south and we can't handle the snow.  Although, I was in the grocery store this morning getting my regular groceries and both Aldi and Walmart were empty.  No one was purchasing the normal bread, milk, toilet paper combo prior to the threat of snow.  So either everyone stocked up prior to the last "snow event" that ended up not happening last week or perhaps everyone is blowing it off because of the last "snow event" that ended up not happening last week.But I bet if they are still calling for snow by the end of business today, the stores will be crazy.

We had a nice weekend.  On Friday night, we took Peter to the high school basketball game.  The guys lost but it was an awesome game.  And they were having middle school night (theyinvite all the Catholic middle schools to come) so the place was packed.  There was a lot of energy in that gym!

On Saturday we ran errands and went to lunch and then on Saturday night we stayed in to watch the Patriots game.  We watched all the football games this past weekend because Dan is heading to Dubai this week and will miss all the games this weekend.  It might have been his last chance to watch the Patriots until August.

Yesterday we headed out near Ashboro to see the Pisgah Covered Bridge.  It is one of only two original remaining covered bridges in North Carolina.  It was a beautiful day for a drive (cold but clear) and the scenery was gorgeous.  Lots of farm land and not a lot of people or homes.

And the covered bridge was cute as a button!  In an attempt to keep people from using markers or spray paint, the parks service had chalk inside the covered bridge for people to use to write their names so there was a lot of pastel graffiti inside. 

Here are some pictures of me and my people:

Have a great rest of your week and keep your fingers crossed that it does not snow tonight!!


Madeline said...

I sure hope that it doesn't snow for you tonight!! However I am glad that the stores were quiet for you on your trip, that always makes it more enjoyable. What a cute bridge!! Awesome for you to spend some time together as a family before Dan's trip. I wish him safe travels.

Gigi said...

I can report that at lunch time the grocery store near my office was PACKED. Also, thanks for sharing about the bridge - I've always wanted to see it but can't get my two interested at all.

Mari said...

Very cool bridge! I hope the snow doesn't come!