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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 2

It's Thankful Thursday - week 2!  I will say that I have been much more mindful of things to give thanks for knowing that I will be coming here to list them.  So that's a good thing!

1. The weather - Here I go again talking about the boring weather.  While I do not like cold weather at all, I am thankful that while we have had these abnormally cold temperatures here, there was no snow, sleet, or freezing rain.   And, it has been above average for the last few days so I'm actually able to go outside without a coat on! 

2. No pain - It struck me this morning in the shower that it has been around 4 year that I have been free the horrible MS pain that I suffered with for almost 10 years. I try to remember as I am taking my daily pills to keep this pain away to thank God for the medicine and the lack of pain but lately that has slipped my mind.  So, on the list it goes!

3. Dinners with my family - We are in one of those wonderful periods where there are no evening practices and with the holidays and weird weather, we haven't even had Scouts. It has been so nice to have dinner together as a family every night for several weeks straight with no one missing from the table.  I love to hear about everyone's day and we all enjoy a good story. Sarah has had a couple of good ones lately that have kept us quite entertained.  When the food is good and the laughter is great, it makes me happy.

4. Exams are almost over - By the time you read this Peter will be done with his exams!  Thank you, Jesus!  This has been quite the week.  The schedule has been weird and I think Peter has learned a lot about what it takes to prepare for exams and how he studies best. 

5.Peppermint coffee - I know I posted about this one last week but Aldi had their seasonal peppermint coffee marked down this week.  I got 5 packs of it.  A box of 12 pods was only$1.99!!  Sarah was making fun of me for buying so much but I informed her that if they had any left when I go next week, I will be getting more.  I love a good sale price!

6.  Beth Moore's Portrait of Devotion - I'm only 6 days into this one but I am really enjoying it. She gives a passage of scripture to read and then there's a nice devotional to go along with it. She is focusing on the lives of Jesus, David, John, and Paul.  Beth Moore is always good at breaking things down and this little devotion is no different. I saw it in Wal-Mart, hemmed and hawed about getting it but decided to do it.  I'm glad I did!

7.  Having Dan at home - We've gone through a long stretch with Dan at home. It is so nice!  I know travelling is a part of his job but I don't have to like it!  It's been several months since he's had a trip and it has been heaven. Hes got several long ones coming up in the near future and it's making me really appreciate it when he isn't travelling!

8. Parents who enjoy carpool duty - I am so thankful to have my parents next door.  And one of the benefits is that if I am in a crunch - they can do drop-off or pick-up duty!  I've used their services several times over the last couple of weeks and their love of helping me and spending time with Peter and Sarah is just one of the many things I love about them and about living next door to them!

9.This ridiculous cat - Is it weird to be thankful for this cat?  Probably but this cat brings Dan and the kids (and me to a lesser degree because her care falls to me since I'm the one home all the time) so much joy.  I overheard Dan calling the cat "his butternut squash" last week.  He is smitten.  And the kids love him too. I feel bad for our other less playful and fun cat so I'm trying to give her extra attention but she's over Wally.

10. Social Media - And before you go shaking your head and thinking that this one is crazier than Wally, hear me out.  While I don't like a lot of what goes on there, I do give thanks for all the times that it brings us together in prayer.  There are so many people and issues I would not be aware of that I can pray for because it's posted on social media. And I really do feel like when we storm heaven with prayer for a particular person or cause, he hears us and it moves him to respond. 

I am also thankful for the people that share their "God moments" on social media.  To read about ways that God has spoken to them or helped them, strengthens my faith and keeps my always looking for Him as I go about my own day.

What are you thankful for today?


Kelli said...

I love anything by Beth Moore!
Oh and having Dan home I understand you enjoying that. Ray has. It really Ben traveling a lot the last few months but next month it starts back up big time..:(
Happy Thursday!!

Madeline said...

I think all of these are wonderful thankfuls!! Cats, parents and time spent with family in decent weather? I am pretty sure those are next to the dictionary definition of wonderful.

Gigi said...

That weather WAS awful! I am also thankful there wasn't any snow, sleet, or ice.