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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Still not sure....

Well, it Tuesday morning.  Scratch that.  It's Wednesday morning.  I guess I'm just going to be confused all week. 

Yesterday, the weather forecasts continued to call for snow and the accumulations were getting bigger - it had increased from 0 - 3 inches to 2 - 4 inches.  So both kid's schools were cancelled by dinner time last night even though the snow wasn't predicted to start until early this morning. 

But the weather forecasters got it right this time and when I woke up there was already some snow on the ground and it is still snowing.  If we actually get 2 or more inches of snow then I am predicting we will also be out tomorrow and most likely Friday as well.   Thankfully it's supposed to be in the 50s on Friday afternoon so anything we get should be gone by then! 

Yesterday I did the grocery shopping, helped out at Teacher Lunch Out at Sarah's school, killed some time at Marshall's, and then it was time to get both the kids.  It was a pretty basic day. 

I tried a new recipe last night that I was hoping to share today  but it wasn't that great.  It was Dijon Bacon Chicken and the pictures on Pinterest looked so yummy and I had such high hopes.  But there were a lot of steps and not a lot of flavor and  if I'm going to be "chopping this" and "placing that in the pan" and "removing this from the pan" and then"chopping that" and then "placing this back in the pan" and then "covering this in the sauce" and then you get the idea...If I'm doing all of that that then it better deliver on the flavor.

But Beth, isn't cooking all of what you described above every time? 

No, dear reader, it is not.  I guess I've gotten pretty lazy with my sheet pan cooking so every time I have to actually do some real cooking I am confused and bothered by all the steps. If I'm going to be cooking in multiple steps, the end product better be really, really good. And it wasn't so I was annoyed.

Speaking of annoying - Peter has informed me that he doesn't like balsamic vinegar!  Y'all - I love balsamic vinegar and many of the recipes I make have that in them so I've been on the hunt for some new recipes.  He also informed me that he doesn't like the sausage and potato sheet pan recipe that the rest of us love and several other things to add to the growing list of Things I Cook That Peter Does Not Like. 

Why so picky, Peter? 

With that, I will leave you with this photo I just snapped of my favorite back yard tree.  The picture shows up lighter than it really is outside right now (7:00 am) but you can see the little bit of snow we have right now and it's still falling.  Unfortunately it's of a wet snow so not really good for playing or building a snow man or even making snow cream.  The kids won't care - they are just happy they don't have to go to school.


Madeline said...

Is it a first born boy thing?! I am lucky if there is one dinner a week Christopher will eat! (He does like that Honey Mustard sheet pan dinner you shared.) Boo to the snow!

Kelli said...

Oh i am the queen of Pinterest fails!!

Gigi said...

As of this typing, I think we have at least 5 inches of the white stuff. I already have cabin fever.

Mari said...

Such a pretty photo!
I love balsamic vinegar!
I feel your pain on that recipe. It's so frustrating when you think something is going to be so good and it is just ok...