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Friday, June 9, 2017

Thought they were going to be quick but no...

It's Friday and I haven't blogged in a week so let's see if I've got enough interesting tidbits to do Seven Quick Takes.

1.  This is the first official full week of no school and it has been so nice not having anything to do.  Well, I take that back.  We have had evening swim practice, I had a dentist appointment, and Peter had an orthodontist appointment.  It has been so nice not having to drag the kids out of bed, or listen to them moan about all their homework, or rush off somewhere in the evenings. Things will change a little next week when we add morning swim practice to the routine and I will have to wake the kids up for that

2. This weeks swim practice has been from 7:00 - 7:45 but Sarah is helping out with the younger kids swim practice which is at 6:30.  Since Dan doesn't usually get home from work until 6:30 or so, this means dinner is at 8:00 when we get home from practice.  This is no problem as we normally don't even eat until 7:00 or 7:30 anyway BUT I walk with my friend Jennifer while the kids are practice so this leaves no time to cook dinner.  So - enter the trusty crock pot.  I've been trying some new recipes just to spice things up because no matter how much my husband loves pot roast, even he doesn't want it 5 nights a week!

Last night I gave this recipe for meatloaf a shot.  And it was actually good.  I did add a little pork sausage in with the beef and instead of making the ketchup mixture for the top, I just used Sweet Baby Ray's.  I would definitely make this in the crock pot again!

Here it is looking all pretty in the pot.

3.  Dan's sister Cathy is coming in this weekend and we will officially be celebrating Sarah's birthday with dinner at my parents, cake, and presents!  Last weekend for Sunday dessert Sarah made a strawberry trifle and we put candles on it and sang Happy Birthday since Sunday was her official birthday.

4.  Dan heads out of town on Sunday for a week and when he gets back he and Peter will be going to Boy Scout Camp for a week.  When they get back, Sarah will be going to Florida with her Girl Scout troop for a week.   Everyone is going to be a having a great time and I guess I'll just be home scraping the soap scum off the shower door.

5.  And yes, I'm serious.  My shower door is a hot mess!  Years of soap scum build up are driving me crazy. Nothing work!  I finally found a website that mentioned getting a glass/tile scraper (which is basically a razor blade in a a handle) and scraping the soap scum off.  It works but y'all, it's a slow process.  I spent about 30 minutes on a very small portion of the shower door yesterday and while it looks much, much better, it's still not totally clean.  And this is a small, small section.  I was telling Jennifer that by the time I finally get the entire shower clean, it will have taken so long that the first part I did will be gross again! 

6.  Peter will be taking driver's ed this summer!  My baby learning how to drive?? I can't even!  But yes, it's happening.  He will be 15 in November and you are allowed to take driver's ed 6 months prior to your 15th birthday. And that's now. 

7.  I upgraded my phone this week.  I was due for a free upgrade and my other phone has been acting up.  Doesn't it seem like they make these things to give out in about a year and a half?  The battery wasn't holding a charge which was maddening.  After about an hour of use, the battery would go from 100% charged to 30% charged.  Google also wasn't working all the time.  I would type something in the search screen and it wouldn't do anything.  There were other issues as well so it was time.  I'm loving my Galaxy 8 Plus so far.  I charged it to 100% yesterday morning, used it like I normally use it, and THIS MORNING it still had 40% battery!  Woohoo!

Enjoy your weekend!


Billie Jo said...

Happy Summer!
Love my Crockpot in the summer!
And love me some Sweet Baby Rays!
You know...I had a shower door once.
I finally took it off and replaced it with a shower curtain.
And when that got gross, I threw it out!
That is how lazy I am!!!
We are starting ortho appointments this summer for Rhett.
And Peyton is starting driving too.
I miss the days of popping them in a stroller and putting them down for naps, don't you?!?!

Erin said...

Once you get the shower door clean, start using one of those daily shower sprays. I'm not typically one to have daily cleaning routines, but it only takes a second and actually works!

Madeline said...

Your summer sounds like it's off and running. Sweet Baby Rays is the best bbq sauce for sure, I bet it was great on that meatloaf. Have you tried The Works Toilet Bowl cleaner on the shower door? I don't know why but it does work. But it has to be the toilet bowl version, the one for showers and tubs doesn't do as well. It's pretty cheap so may be worth the time to try over scraping it off.

Happy unofficial Sarah birthday celebration!

Mari said...

That Strawberry Trifle looks so good!
I was going to suggest The Works shower cleaner - I see Madeline thinks the toilet cleaner works better, so you could try that. I have found that The Works shower cleaner is amazing. I squirt it on and it takes all the crud off - all I have to do is rinse it off. It needs to be the one that you can squirt on though - not the one that comes in a spray bottle. I think it's the amount that makes a difference. As Madeline says - it's cheap, so if I use more than one bottle, it doesn't bother me. Good luck!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Crockpots have saved many families from starving during sporting seasons. :) I too love sweet Baby Ray's on our meatloaf.
Happy birthday to Sarah; the trifle looks absolutely amazing!
Good luck with the shower scum cleaning; it's so glamorous being a domestic goddess, isn't it?