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Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Quick Takes

It may be summer but the weeks still feel like they are flying by.  So, in an attempt to catch up, let's do some Quick Takes.

1.  TWO weeks ago, school ended and we had our annual end-of-school celebratory dinner at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse.  And apparently, I never mentioned it on the blog and certainly didn't post pictures.  And that begs the question, if it didn't get posted on the blog, did it even happen??

My brother joined us!

Both Peter and Dan doing their I'm-posing-for-a-heavy-metal-album-cover face.

Peter and Brad wore matching shirts accidentally.  A guy at the restaurant asked what the meaning was behind the matching shirts.  Ha!  No meaning at all!
2.  We have lots of tomatoes on our bushes!

So very excited about the prospect of a tomato sandwich!

3. One of Peter's latest drawings:

Pretty good, I think!

4. We were supposed to have our first swim meet on Tuesday.  Before I could even snap a picture of the kids in their suits, a clap of thunder came and it was eventually cancelled.  The makeup meet is the week Sarah will be on her Girl Scout trip.  I'm so sad that she will miss two meets this season! :(

5. After our non-swim meet, we went to dinner with Jennfier and her family and I looked up and saw Peter taking a picture of Caity taking a picture of Cheyanne.  This is what Peter captured:
I thought it was neat!

6. So last Saturday we had lime chicken soft tacos for lunch when Cathy arrived.  I took this recipe(which I normally make on the stove top) and doubled everything but the chicken and the topping ingredients and threw it all in the crock pot on Friday.  After 7 hours on low, I shredded the chicken and put it in the fridge.

Then when Cathy arrived, all I had to do was reheat the meat and we had delicious soft tacos.  We added cilantro and some lime creama.  I took regular creama and added lime juice and lime zest and it was so good.  Everyone loved all the lime flavor except Peter.  He said it was too much lime.  You can't please all the people all the time!

7.  Dan's been in Arizona all week and gets home tonight!  Then he and Peter are headed to Boy Scout camp on Sunday for a week.  I already miss them and they haven't even left yet

Have a great weekend everyone!

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