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Thursday, June 29, 2017

You win some, you lose some!

3 years ago, for Father's Day, I had a travel coffee mug made for Dan with pictures of the kids on it and the words "We Love You,Daddy!"  And since it was right after Rebecca, I even put the only decent picture we have of her on there. 

Dan has faithfully carried that mug to work for the last three years and a couple of months ago mentioned that the pictures were starting to fade and chip off the mug.

Perfect timing!  Father's Day was right around the corner so I decided we would make him a new mug.  But the kids are now 13 and 14 and honestly, having a mug with their mugs on it seemed strange. I think they are a little too old to have (or even to want to have) their faces on a travel mug.

So, I got creative.  And made this:

The kids and I thought it was perfect!  And to make it even more perfect, the cat (like all cats) looks totally annoyed and like he does not agree that Dan is the best dad ever. 

We were so pleased with ourselves!  And then Dan opened it.

Okay....this photo is staged.  Regardless, this is how he felt about it.  He said that as a grown man, he can't be walking around his office holding a mug with a cat picture on it. 

So, he's carrying it for a week to be nice to us and then he's either going back to the faded mug or to this one:

Oh, well.  Maybe I'll start using the BEST DAD EVER mug.  I can always Sharpie over the Dad part and write in MOM.


Madeline said...

I think it's funny. Why are men so hard to buy for?! Maybe even though the kids think it's weird, Dan liked having their pictures with him? Ah well, Patriots are good too.

Mari said...

Ha! It really made me laugh. :) :) :)

Billie Jo said...

Love the staged picture!
Kinda like how I was this Christmas when Steve got me a digital photo frame.
In a box that looked remarkably like the laptop I wanted. LOL!!!

Pam said...

I think its a hoot. My hubs would feel the same way about it though. Men....cats! :)