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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Peter's First Concert

A couple a months ago, a friend asked if Peter would like to go to the Iron Maiden concert in June.

Would he???

Um, that would be a giant YES!! (And the best part of all?  We wouldn't have to take him!  Is that horrible? Probably but, y'all, Iron Maiden.)

Unfortunately, the plans fell through and as the concert date approached, Peter grew more and more sullen and ratcheted up the begging of us to take him.

The day before the concert, the kids and I were eating lunch and Peter spent the whole time begging me to take him to Charlotte to see the concert.  And I was very insistent that I was not going to take him. He even suggested that if I didn't want to see the concert that I could just drop him off.


But then during lunch my cell phone rang and it was Dan.  He was on his lunch break and heard a commercial for the concert.  He said they must still have tickets if they are advertising it and he wanted me to check out the details online because he felt like he needed to take Peter.

When I told Peter this, his face lit up and he exclaimed, "God must really want me to go to this show!"


So, I hopped online, purchased them lawn seats (the show was at PNC Pavillion) and as soon as Dan got home from work on Friday night, they headed to Charlotte.

Peter sent me a text  of the crowd:

And this is just one side of the lawn seats. 

He sent me these during the show. He said they announced that there were 16,000 people there.  And then he sent me this text...

"It was amazing." 

Then he sent me a text that said it was going to take forever to get out of there.  They got home around 1:30. 

Dan said that even though he didn't know any of the songs, they put on a very good show and he was able to enjoy it.  The lead singer is 58 and he claimed he was the baby of the group! 

He also said getting out of the parking lot was a nightmare.  I asked him if he he took any pictures of him and Peter and these are the only ones he took.

This is Peter making his metal band album cover face.

And then I realized why it took them so long to get out of the parking lot.  It literally looks like they were the last ones to leave! 

Peter had a great time at his first concert.  And I'm so glad that Dan took him.  However, I think we've created a monster because Peter spent all day yesterday telling me that I should take him and Colton to see Slayer. 


Madeline said...

How fun for him! I sense many more concerts in your future. Though I shared a taste in music with my mom so I feel like she didn't mind as much. Well, I still get grief for the Backstreet Boys concert she sat through so maybe she did. :)

Mari said...

Oh boy! I think Dan is a wonderful Dad!

Ernie said...

Wow, Dan is a trooper. Back in the 80's my folks wouldn't let me go to a Whitney Houston concert with a friend - and her dad was planning to take us, so their involvement was nonexistent! Anyway, they worried there would be drugs at the concert and decided I couldn't go. I was 16 and it was such a bummer. And, drugs? At a Whitney Houston concert?!? Thanks to hindsight, perhpas the only drugs were, um, back in her dressing room.

And, I thought the same thing when I saw the photo of Peter and NO ONE ELSE - it is going to take you hours to get home!!!!

My oldest is 19 today and then 16, 14, 13, etc. So far, no one has expressed an interest in going to any kind of concert. I'm guessing I can only dodge that bullet for so long.