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Friday, June 23, 2017

7 Quick Ones!

Is it Friday already?  This week went by fast!

Dan and Peter left on Sunday morning for Boy Scout camp and Sarah and I have been keeping busy.

1.  Sarah made this delicious coconut cream pie for Sunday dessert.  It was so good!  My dad loves coconut cream pie so since it was Father's Day, Sarah decided to make this for him.

Sarah made homemade  coconut whipped cream and it was good on the top of this pie!

2. Even though it's been a fairly rainy/cloudy week, we were able to get in our swim meet on Tuesday evening!  Sarah did great and our team won!  And I have no pictures.  Whoops!

3. Wednesday night at Boy Scout camp is special for the boys because it's family night!  All the troops are allowed to have their family members come in, bring a potluck meal to share with the boys and then go to the Wednesday night campfire.  Peter was very excited to see me (and even Sarah) and both he and Dan were excited for all the non-mess hall food! 

After dinner we attended the campfire together.  Peter was tapped our for Order of the Arrow. If he chooses to pursue this, he will need to attend an Ordeal in the fall back at Camp Raven Knob to officially become a member of the Order of the Arrow.

4.  We didn't get backhome from Raven Knob until 11:30 on Wednesday night which meant I missed my normal 10:00 PM bedtime by 2 hours.  And I felt it yesterday.  I needed to take a 3rd cup of coffee to 9:30 swim practice just to cope!

5.  It's raining this morning (shock!) and it would have been the perfect morning to sleep in but I accidentally set my alarm for 6:00 instead of 7:00.  What is wrong with me??  

6.  I have a hair appointment which is the only reason I even set an alarm!  After the hair appointment, Sarah and I will be running errands to get her ready for her trip to Florida with her Girl Scout troop.

7.  I ordered this new bible study from Take Up and Read and I am really enjoying it.  The readings and the devotions are short so you have enough time to think about the scripture and reflect on it.  Elizabeth Foss and her team did a great job.  

It's called Consider the Lilies and her is my not so successful attempt and showing it with some lilies I just happened to have in my kitchen on the day I received it.

Enjoy your weekend! Don't forget to visit Kelly for more Quick Takes!


Colleen said...

Mmmm ... pie. Coconut is my favorite.

Glad you're enjoying Consider the Lilies. I have been thinking about ordering it, too. Love Elizabeth Foss and Mary Lenaburg so much.

Madeline said...

Sarah is really getting good at desserts! You are certainly in a busy time of life with everyone going to camp! Glad they are loving it and having good experiences. Hope you can catch up on some sleep soon and you love your haircut!

Mari said...

I am so impressed with Sarah' pie - it looks amazing!