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Sunday, May 5, 2013

WIWS: Edition I don't care if I'm cold, I'm wearing it anyway.

I have not participated in WIWS for the last two weeks. Don't worry. I've gone to Mass both weeks but we have been crazy busy and one outfit was a repeat and the other was not worthy of being photographed. But you can sigh a huge sigh of relief my friends because I'm back. And as I am typing this, I realize that this outfit is also a repeat. However, I have styled it differently.

The last time I wore this shirt dress from Target I was dreaming of spring but it was still very cold so I had to pair it with lots of goodies to warm me up. But now it's May and ..... Wait! I'm STILL dreaming of spring. Where is my hot North Carolina spring? I miss her. ....sigh.... But there was no way I was wearing leggings a jean jacket and boots with this on May 5th, so I pretended it was warm outside and went for it.

Don't let the sunshine fool you.  It was out for less than 2 hours yesterday and did not warm up the day much at all. Low 60s is not N.C. spring weather.

And yes, Mom, I really need a slip.  And no, Mom, I still do not own one. 

Apparently you have to do more than just purchase the Jergen's Natural Glow Self-Tanner.  You actually have to USE it!


Dress: Target
Shoes: Target (old, very old)

And I wish I had taken a close-up of my necklace.  It's an old gold (fake, of course) chain and I found a pink stone earring that was surrounded by gold (fake, of course) so I used the earring back to clasp it to the chain and turned the old earring into a charm. I was so pleased with my bad self!  I felt like I needed something gold to go with the dress because the belt buckle was gold. 

I think the dress, because of the length to my knees, could probably use shoes that are just a little taller than these wedges.  But, the shoes matched the belt so I went with it. 

And there you have it folks!  What I Wore Sunday.  (Or in this case, technically, What I Wore Saturday Because I Went to the Vigil Mass.)

This week you need to head over to Messy Wife, Blessed Life to see what everyone else is wearing today.


Kathryn said...

Cute outfit, Beth! I'm with ya on the cold springs. We're southern girls - we like our heat!!

Anonymous said...

Cute look great. I like the shoes with it.

I'm jealous of your in Fl, when it gets below 70, we dance and sing with joy.

Unknown said...

Very cute dress and a great cut on you. The belt takes it up a notch in formality and the shoes are perfecto for spring. All in all a fabulous look dear Beth!! Happy Sunday!!

KelleyAnnie @ Over the Threshold said...
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KelleyAnnie @ Over the Threshold said...

Love the color of your dress! I see we are both unpaid spokesmodels for Target :-) Do you live in NC or just love it? I am from NC originally and I hear it is cold there this weekend. We live in CT now and I much prefer the weather here, but I'm still a Tarheel :-)

Mandi Richards said...

I hear you on the cold weather! SOOO ready for summer (I'm fine with skipping spring altogether and getting to the good stuff!) This definitely does not look like a repeat - styled very differently.

I too need a slip, but where do they sell them these days?

Grandma T said...

You look so beautiful!

Sheena said...

Pretty! You sure beat that cold weather with a great color!!! :)