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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The poop (finally) hit the fan!

Quick update on Sarah.

She continued to complain about stomach pains even after the piano recital.  I told her we needed to give it a few more days to give the medicine a chance to work. 

On Monday, I decided that enough was enough.  We had given the medicine plenty of time to work if the problem was truly acid reflux so I called for an appointment.  There was an appointment that afternoon with the PA if I wanted to bring her in then.

I asked if the doctor had anything available that week (since we saw a PA the first time) and luckily he had one available appoinment on Tuesday.  I figured it was worth the one extra days wait to see the real doctor. 

He diagnosed her with constipation saying that 99% of the time when a kid comes in complaining of stomach pain it's constipation but before he prescribed anything for that, he wanted to have an x-ray and an ultrasound done to make sure all of her insides were functioning properly.  He said if they weren't and he prescribed a laxative there would be severe pain.

So on Wednesday we headed to the imaging center where Sarah got to see what each one of her organs looked like on the ultrasound screen and got to see what her ribs and spine looked like on the x-ray.  She found the whole thing very cool. 

And I did too, although I have to admit having an ultrasound when you are pregnant is just a weeeee bit more exciting that just looking at your kidneys or your spleen.

I dropped her back off at school and about an hour later my cell phone rang.  It was the nurse saying that the doctor could see lots of impacted poop and that she needed a laxative.

So after homework yesterday afternoon the fun began.

Every 15 minutes Sarah had to drink a mixture of Miralax and Gatorade until there was ((ahem)) movement. 

It took 6 glasses of the cocktail, lots of whining, crying and even calling off of Mother's Day because "you're a mean mom for making me drink that disgusting stuff" before we had ((ahem)) movement.

And then might I say, there was ((ahem)) lots and lots of movement!

At bedtime, she was her old self and this morning she was excited to get to school. For the last two weeks she didn't want to go to school because she was afraid her stomach was going to hurt. 

Now I'm off to Google "diet to prevent constipation" or possibly "best foods to keep things ((ahem)) moving"!


Mari said...

Poor Sarah! Glad she's feeling better!

Grandma T said...

Thank goodness for Miralax!! So glad Sarah is her sweet self again!!

Kimberly said...

Might I suggest a daily treat of a fiber one bar? (ahem) not that I'd know or anything.

In fact, half a bar might be enough since she's so little.

Just sayin'!! :-)

Grace Marie said...

oh UGH. poor thing!! So glad she's better now!