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Sunday, May 12, 2013

WIWS - More Pink and White

It's What I Wore Sunday and I'm wearing pink and white again this week!

(And for anyone that remembers my outfit from last week, I'm talking about my pasty white legs!)

Onward and upward with actual white pants covering my legs this week!

Shirt: Target (Clearance!)
Capris: Kohl's
Sandals: Target
Jewelry: Kohl's

These pictures don't highlight the fact that this shirt comes way down in the back which I think is pretty cool. 

I wish these capris were just a wee bit longer.  I wanted pants that came down more to my ankles but the only white pants I have been able to find that come down to my ankles are skinny jeans and I am NOT I repeat NOT squeezing into to skinny jeans in the summer.   It's just not going to happen!  So, I was left with these too short white pants. Oh well...I will continue to search.

To see what all the rest are wearing, head on over to Fine Linen and Purple!


Rosie said...

Love the drape on that top!

Grandma T said...

Love the outfit! You look great!!

Colleen said...

You always look so great!

Anonymous said...

I see so much of Sarah when I look at these pictures of you. Has she been weighing in on your outfits?