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Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Edition How I'm Going to Keep From Missing My Husband This Weekend!

Time for 7 Quick Takes Friday so here we go....

1. Peter's class was working on the Beatitudes recently and as part of their work, they made a flower and on each petal was a Beatitude. On the back the teacher had them each write a prayer. This was Peter's prayer:

 Dear God, Please be with my family. They need help. Amen

This prayer totally cracked me up.  They need help.  Yes, I guess we do.  And don't you love how he wrote they need help instead of we need help?  Little stinker! 

2.  Dan has been out of town since Monday and won't return until next Friday.  I'm used to him being gone during the week but it really stinks when he's gone over the weekend as well.  But we've got lots to do to keep us busy so that's a plus.  Let me list a few of them here for your reading pleasure:

3.  I got some flowers from Lowes yesterday and I'm actually going to plant them.  I typically have lots of potted flowers around on the front and back porch but this year I decided to plant some among the bushes in all of the empty spots we left 6 years ago for plants but I never got around to doing because news flash - I'm lazy!  (And was that a run on sentence?)

Of course, I decided to do this when my hole digger isn't around.  We'll see how it goes.  I may have a project waiting for Dan when he returns next weekend.

4.  We are going to the BFF's tonight for pizza.  The kids are excited to play with their BFF's.  I'm excited that I don't have to cook AND I get to play with my BFF too.  It's a win-win for everyone except her husband.  He has to deal with the craziness of 6 kids and 2 chatty women.  He will probably retreat to the basement or to the TV and honestly, who would blame him?

5.  On Saturday morning the kids and I are heading to an auction with my parents.  My dad loves going to auctions, buying old stuff and then reselling it (hopefully at a profit) later.  Should be a fun morning. 

6.  On Sunday afternoon the kids will have their final track meet of the season.  It's the big one.  The one against all the other area Catholic schools.  I'm hoping that the rain they are calling for on Sunday holds off until after 6:00 PM because the rain date is next Sunday which is Mother's Day and I don't want to be a track meet on my special day!  HA! 

7.And the most fun and exciting thing of the whole weekend?  Sarah has a book project due in less than two weeks.  And she chose to do a diorama and an oral presentation.

Oral presentations good. (Kids need lots of practice speaking in front of people.)  Dioramas bad. (Kids do not need lots of practice drawing tiny pictures representing a scene from a book.  I'm just sayin'.)

And with that! I'm done with my quick takes!  Head over to Jen's place for more.

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