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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everytime I picture it in my mind, I laugh outloud. And then I feel like a dork again.

Yesterday morning I headed out for a quick run.  "Quick" being relative since I was the one doing the running.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law (both who have completed several marathons each) were still in the house packing up and getting ready to head home after the weekend of First Communion festivities.  My mom and dad were next door also packing up - they are heading to the beach for two weeks.

I was half way into my run when my left foot caught a small rock.  The small rock acted like a large banana peel, I lost my footing and feel to the ground.  I landed on my hands and knees but I was fine.

Whew, I thought to myself as I was simultaneously looking around and dusting myself off, thank goodness no one saw that!

And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw them.

My mother, my father, my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law.  All four were standing in my back yard500 feet away.  They had witnessed it all.

Apparently my parents came over to tell Bob and Cathy goodbye and they were all waving to me as I ran by them. 

And then I fell. 

After I spotted them, I hopped up, yelled out a cheery, "I'm okay!" and kept running.

When I finished my three miles and got back home, my brother-in-law said, "Well, I've seen you run a sum total of 3 seconds and 2 and a half of those seconds were you plunging to the ground."

I think now he might finally stop bugging me about running the Falmouth Road Race with him.


RR Mama said...

Ok I'm laughing with you not at you! And to make you feel better...I am an amateur Razor Scooter rider. One day I thought I could hop on my oldest sons scooter and try it out. I rode for about 6.4 seconds and then hit a spot in the drive way and went sliding across the cement and into the grass. Hubs and oldest son were laughing and youngest son was like that was cool mom can you do it again. Are you feeling better now?

Mary said...

Isn't that the first thing we do when we fall: look to see who witnessed our klutziness?!!

Anonymous said...

glad you didn't hurt yourself. i so admire you for getting out there and running. i can barely run 1 mile, let alone 3 or 4!

Laural Out Loud said...

Love the hopping up and "I'm okay!" response! I'm a total klutz, and I don't run for this very reason. Or walk fast, for that matter. I'm a meanderer, lol. Thank goodness you weren't hurt!