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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ignore me. It's only PMS.

She left this morning wearing a white shirt, white pants and a white headband.  Her shoes were hot pink jelly thong sandals encrusted with plastic crystals. 

She said she looked beautiful.  They way she walked out the door said she felt beautiful too.

I love Sarah's confidence.  I love her ability to mix and match colors and styles or in this case, her ability to match and match and match. I guess I just plain ole love that girl.

And if I had realized that just the mere thought of her prancing out of the house in her white outfit would have made me miss her so much at 1:30 in the afternoon and caused me to pen a quick post about her, I would have at least taken a picture. 

That's what I get for readying a big pile of old toys and cildren's clothes for Goodwill at a certain special time of the month.

PMS and trying to get rid of anything my children used to play with or wear but have outgrown because they are getting so old and will be in college soon do not mix.

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