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Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, I bought a new plunger and thought I would tell you all about it!

Last weekend when we were at the beach, the toilet got clogged.  We, as a family, tend to do that to toilets.

The place we were staying had the coolest plunger. It looked like this:
It unclogged the toilet in just a couple of seconds and it was easy to use unlike those hard rubber plungers. I have the worst time with those things. 

This weekend at home, our toilet got stopped up. I told you we tend to do that to toilets.  We used our old plunger but when we were out running errands, we got one of the easy to use plungers.

I am excitedly anticipating our next toilet clog so I can use the new plunger!  It shouldn't be too long now.

That was my excitement for the weekend.  What did you do?


Mari said...

You've given me my laugh for the day! I think you need more excitement in your life! :-)

Beth Cotell said...

Mari - I really could use a little more excitement in my life!

Anonymous said...

HA!!!!!!!!! you so crazy.

(whispers) hey beth, can you tell me where you got that thing?

Beth Cotell said...

@rhemashopeI got it at the Walmarts! :) Any hardware store should have them as well. I know you could use a good plunger!