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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop worrying. Start packing.

So I leave on Monday for Ireland!  I can't believe I'm typing that.

We have been talking about this trip for months now.  I have hard a hard time getting too excited about it though and I couldn't figure out why.  But I think it all boils down to the kids.

Other than the 2 night trip to Charleston we took in September, I've never been away from the kids for more than one night at a time.  And other than Charleston,  the kids were just sleeping over at my  Mom's right next door or at Jennifer's house which is in walking distance.   Peter has been away for several nights at a time but that was at Boy Scout camp and Dan was always with him so that doesn't really count. 

I'm not worried about my kids safety while we are gone because they are going to be with Mom and Dad.  (Although I do worry about their safety!  The kids will wear them out for sure!) I guess all of this rambling is to say that the one reason I haven't been over the top excited is that I'm gonna miss my kids. 

But there is a nice trade-off for missing my kids.  I am going to have SEVEN nights and EIGHT days ALONE with my HUSBAND!  Yes, he will be at work several of those days, but the rest of the time it will just be the two of us. The more I think about that, the less I think about missing my kids and I am finally starting to get excited!

And now that I am finally starting to get excited and the realization that I'm leaving for Ireland in five days is finally starting to sink in, I am now asking myself the question that every woman in her right mind would ask herself - "WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??" 

Dan laughed when I told him I was worried about what I was going to wear and his response was, "Who cares?  You'll be in Ireland! You won't know anyone there."

And my response was "I care!  This could be my one and only trip to Ireland and when I look back on the pictures in 30 years, I don't want to being wearing some crappy outfit."

When I told him that he just looked at me strangely.  I am sure he was thinking that no matter how long he knows me he will never have me figured out. 

But the more I think about it, I guess it really doesn't matter.  Because if I pulled out any picture of anyone from thirty years ago, I would laugh and think "What they heck are they wearing?" 

So I guess I better stop worrying and start packing!


Mari said...

Lucky you! You are going to have such fun. Take lots of pictures to share with us - and make sure you are dressed appropriately! :)

Beth Cotell said...

Based on the clothes in my closet, I'm sure I won't be wearing anything trendy or stylish, so I guess my main goal is keeping warm - it's only supposed to be in the low 60s! Brrrr!

Aimee said...

Have a great time!! And pack layers of clothing - Rob's family is in Scotland and the best way to prepare for their weather is to make sure you have jackets/sweaters you can take on or off at a moment's notice. Can't wait to see some pictures! :)

RR Mama said...

WOW!! You are going to have a fantastic time!!! Remember to take a ton of pictures. I can't wait to see them. And I'm sure your clothes will be fine. YOU ARE GOING TO IRELAND!!! OK now, I'm just a tad jealous. :)

Annikke said...

I have always wanted to go to Ireland! Have fun and I bet you will look great no matter what outfits you pack!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my goodness! how exciting. I am thrilled for you. What a cool trip. Of course you will miss your kids....that is natural...but I think you'll get there, and be having so much fun, it won't seem so bad. :) woo hoo!

and thank you for all the support for the Charter school thing. I really appreciate it, so much. :)

Tiffany said...

Oooh, Ireland! I have heard such beautiful things about Ireland. Enjoy.

Be Blessed.

Madeline said...

I went to Ireland at this same time a few years ago. The best advice I can give you with packing is to pack a waterproof jacket with a hood. It will be invaluable-my umbrella didn't last 10 minutes.

Also pack an extra pair of pants. With the rain the bottoms of my pants would get wet (not dirty) and I had to trade out a few times a day. Shirts were fine because of the jacket and sweaters. So I wish I had packed more pants, less shirts.

Kimberly said...

Ireland is on my bucket list! So happy for you that you get this special trip. The closest I ever got to Ireland was flying over it on the way to Germany. Hope you have a great time and can't wait to see your pictures!

Beth Cotell said...

@Snarky McGee Thanks for the advice on the pants...but what about shoes??? What kind did you take?

junglemama said...

WOW! Have a wonderful trip!

Madeline said...

I took a pair of tennis shoes for the Aran Islands, and the walking around in day time. I also had a pair of "not too dressy but not too casual" shoes for mass and dinners. One pair of heels to go with my one dressy outfit. Though flats would have been MUCH easier on some of the cobblestone streets!

Wendy said...

I'm so jealous (not just about Ireland but having all that time with your husband and no kids - I wish!)! I know you will have a wonderful time though and I can't wait to see pictures.

Beth Cotell said...

@WendyThat is what I am most excited about. We could be going to a hotel in Lexington for a week for all I care! I can not wait for this time alone - just the two of us. The fact that we are in Ireland will be the icing on the cake.