Friday, May 13, 2011

Reduced fat popcorn is just not the same.

Peter and Colton had been playing in the backyard.  Peter came bursting through the door and breathlessly said, "Mom!  We want to camp out under the stars sometime!"

"O.k., honey you guys can do that some weekend I suppose."

"Yeah, we really want to rough it with no tent and eat tree sap and stuff."

"Tree sap?" I slowly questioned.  What has he been learning in Cub Scouts??

"Yeah, tree sap and well, maybe we'll take Dad's camp stove and some bottled water."

Hmmm...wonder how long before this "camp-out" would become just a regular sleep-over inside the comfortable house watching a movie and eating popcorn?

The only roughing it part would be that it's reduced fat popcorn and not extra butter.

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