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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wonky pockets!

We've been getting some updates from Boy Scout camp.  Dan is going up on Wednesday night but another Dad went up on Sunday and will leave when Dan arrives.  It was nice to know that someone  was there to watch out for the new Boy Scouts and to make sure everything was going well for them.  There are plenty of other parents there as well but it gave me comfort knowing that someone was going to be there specifically keeping an eye on the first year Boy Scouts.

He sent Dan a message on Sunday night saying that the opening campfire got cut short due to rain but that all the boys were currently in the canteen purchasing treats so all was well.  I'm sure the ability to buy a root beer and a candy bar put Peter in a good mood. 

Last night Dan got a text with the following picture:

I was so excited to see this picture and then Dan and I just couldn't stop laughing.  I am hoping that the pained look on Peter's face is his normal fake-photo smile and not his I'm-on-the-verge-of-tears smile.  It could go either way.

And then the next thing we noticed about the picture was his shirt.  He wears tee-shirts and polo shirts every day. His main experience with button down shirts is from first communion and funerals.  I always have to help him with his Boy Scout shirt because he always buttons it wrong.

One of the last things I told him before leaving (in addition to reminders to shower and wear deodarant) was to remember to button his shirt from the bottom button up.  That was he could make sure he got it right.

But apparently, he didn't listen. Look how uneven those pockets are.  Someone did not remember my advice.

So the odds are very, very good that he also did not wear his deodorant or shower either

Oh well.  I was talking to one of the other moms at the pool yesterday and she said her boys never shower at camp.  At least he won't be the only stinky one there.  And hopefully not the only one with wonky pockets either!


Mari said...

:) I'm glad you got a picture of those pockets. Looks like a good picture for a wedding montage in a few years! I hope he's having fun!

jennwa said...

I am sure he is having a great time with uneven shirt and all :)

DeNae said...

Love the wonky pockets! My son went to church camp last summer and was there for 2 nights and 3 days. Did not brush his teeth once. I swear they were furry when we picked him up. Growing boys are utterly unconcerned with hygiene.

Kelli said...

I bet he is having a wonderful time. My son went to a weekend Boy Scout camp a few years back and LOVED it!

Michelle said...

Lol! At some point he will car about pockets, deodorant and showers! Then he won't need reminders ever again!;) leat for that!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh…that is just hilarious! No matter what, I'm sure he is having a ball!