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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guess I need to brush my hair and smile.

Jennifer's girls introduced Sarah to a YouTube channel called Fun2Draw. The host, Mei Yu, shows you how to draw a wide variety of pictures.

Sarah likes to watch the tutorial with her sketch pad in hand drawing along with Mei Yu. She will stop and start the video as necessary until she completes the drawing.

The interesting thing about these drawings is that they are done in a Japanese animation style. They all look like caricatures and each drawing (whether it's human or an inanimate object), has very large eyes. Kind of creepy, but for some reason Sarah doesn't see anything wrong with a slice of birthday cake or a bottle of nail polish having eyes.

Yesterday, Sarah decided to draw my portrait. I snapped this picture while she was drawing me even though I was being reprimanded to "sit still".

After she completed her drawing, she looked at it and me in mild disgust and scolded, "You're frowning and your hair is a mess".  (I guess I should have primped before she started drawing me.  Maybe even applied a little lipstick?)

And then she finished by saying, "If you insist on posting this anywhere, don't use this one I drew of you. Use the one I drew of Elsa from Frozen and just tell everyone this is you."

I look good, right?


Mari said...

My kids used to watch Mark Kistler and his Secret City show on PBS. He showed how to draw a lot of things. My niece likes to draw in the anime style too.
Sarah did good1

Mari said...
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Ferrell Boys Mom said...

My boys love to draw. I'll have to look those utube videos up for them. I'm not sure about adding the big eyes to nail polish. :D Love the pictures she drew! She's very talented.

jennwa said...

You should see the one Caity drew of Quinn. It is too funny !

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sarah is SO funny and talented. My….what big EYES you have Beth!