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Monday, June 23, 2014

I feel sorry for his tent mate!

Peter went to Boy Scout camp on Sunday.  We packed a giant footlocker filled with all of the gear he would need for a week, loaded him up on a church bus, and waved goodbye as he headed off for a week of fun at Raven Knob.

He's been going to Raven Know since 1st grade when he was a Cub Scout.  But Cub Scout camp is only three nights and Dan always went with him.

Boy Scout camp is a full week and Dan will be going but not until late Wednesday night.

I am a little nervous but I think it will be good for him. 

He will be responsible for getting himself up in time for breakfast.  He will be responsible for remembering to brush his teeth and put on his deodorant.  He will be responsible for knowing what time all of his merit badge classes are and where they are.   And he will be responsible for getting a shower without me there to "remind" him that he needs one every day.

Before he left, he actually asked me if he had to take a shower while he was gone.  A shower...singular.  As in one the entire week! 

He was a little nervous on Sunday morning as we were getting everything packed up but as soon as we dropped him off, he found a friend and didn't look back.  Well, at least, not until it was time to get on the bus.  And then he came running up to me and gave me a giant hug. 

I think he'll be fine.

I think we'll both be fine.


Mari said...

I hope he has a great time and you don't miss him too much. :)

Jessica said...

Ack! Edmund is going to BSA camp next month for a week. I feel your pain! Fellow first timer.

Madeline said...

Boys. Will they swim at all? If it makes you feel at all better, they will all be equal amounts of stinky. Who you should really feel bad for is Dan when he shows up days late to mid-week stink!

Mary said...

I was always so surprised at all of my boys...they seemed to be able to get themselves up and out the door when I wasn't around. I think when we're there, they KNOW we'll make sure they're up and out!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How exciting for him!!! He will do fine….he is after all a boy scout!

Pam said...

I went to a camp for school in November as a 6th grader. It was so cold, the thought of getting wet jus didn't appeal to me. I went a week without taking a bath. I told my mom on the way home and she immediately plopped me in the tub (and threw away some my clothes). Ha. He will do fine...and there will be equal amounts of stink from all the campers.

Michelle said...

It's so hard to have to start letting go! I'm glad he ran back and have you that hug!:)