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Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Trip to Tokyo! The restaurant, not the city.

Dan finally made it home from Seattle around 11:00 am on Saturday thanks to a lovely red eye flight.  Just in time to do the yard work.  No rest for the weary or for men who are married to women who have never used a lawn mower, weed eater, and grass blower. 

When the kids finished their first year at Our Lady of Mercy, we headed to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant to celebrate on their last day of school.  At that dinner, we decided we would make that a yearly last day of school tradition.  Fast forward to the next year (which was last year) and Dan was flying home from a business trip so we weren't able to eat on Friday night and had to shift it to Saturday.  And low and behold, we had to do the exact same thing this year. 

But we made it and it was delicious.  Who doesn't love dinner and a show!


Lucky as Sunshine said...

Looks like fun !

Billie Jo said...

You've never mowed the lawn?
And now I love you even more. : )
Fun tradition, my sweet friend.
The restaurant....not the lawn. ; )

Madeline said...

We had a similar last day of school tradition and I hope to start one myself! I had never mowed the lawn before this year but we have a small yard and got a reel mower this Spring. (The old fashioned not powered kind.) It is actually a pretty good little exercise to walk the yard like that. But still nothing with power!!

jennwa said...

Love that place !! Yummy !!

Mari said...

What a great tradition!
I've only mowed the lawn once. It was after Bob had his appendix out and he couldn't. He let me mow it once, looked at it and did it himself the next week. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love places like that….the food is so good {{fresh}} and the show is always a blast. I love your tradition!
I hope the kids have a nice summer.