Monday, October 8, 2012

Poor Peter!

It's official. My Explorer is  toast after 183,000 miles of faithful service.

I guess technically it's not toast since the transmission could be fixed again.  However, the cost of the repairs is almost triple of the value of the car.  And if you combine that with how much we've already put into other repairs this year, well, I don't even want to think about that number.  Oy.

After much discussion of our various options with our mechanic, we decided not to fix it.  When we told him we weren't going to fix it, he made us an offer on it.  We took it to CarMax and got another offer which was lower than the mechanic's offer as expected, but we just wanted to make sure his offer was in the ball park.  So, it looks like the mechanic's daughter will eventually (once he replaces the transmission) be driving around in our old Explorer.

Meanwhile, I found a newer Explorer with fairly low miles that I will be looking at later this week. Have I mentioned I loathe car shopping?  If I haven't, well let me tell you - I loathe car shopping. 

Also, have I mentioned that Dan's car is even older than the Explorer, and also on it's last leg?  Well, it is.  We are going to try to keep that one going for a little bit longer but like the Explorer, it's probably not long until it becomes a teenager's dream car.  HA! 

When I told Peter the mechanic's daughter was going to get the Explorer, he scoffed and said, "Poor girl!"

Peter has no clue.  When he's 16 he will be lucky if he gets something as nice as a 10 year old Explorer with 183,000 miles on it. 

In fact, he will probably be getting this new old Explorer we might be buying this week because in 6 years this new old Explorer will be 9 years old! Perfect timing.

"Poor Peter!" 


Mari said...

Good luck with the shopping. Hopefully the Explorer will work out. We're going out car shopping tonight too.

Jamie said...

We are in the same boat with our two cars! Both are very close to 200K miles and I feel like the Jeep's transmission is starting to slip. Ugh. We've decided to go with something that's a lot better on gas so we're test driving a Kia Soul today. It'll be tough downsizing (literally), h/e, filling up at the gas station won't be quite as painful! I think we'll keep both older cars since they're not worth much and we don't know which will be the first to completely conk out. Good luck while looking!

Anonymous said...

He will LOVE that old red Explorer!