Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Red

We got it!  The kids have named her Big Red and we couldn't be happier. 

She's a 2009 Explorer.  She has less than 24,000 miles on her.  She has only a few tiny scratches on the exterior and did I mention? She's red!

Is it annoying that I keep calling her a she?  Probably.  Just for you then, I will do my best to refer to all cars in this post as "it" instead of "she" so as not to be annoying.

I have always loved a red car.  When my dad got me my first car at the age of 16, I told him, "Get me anything as long as it's not brown or green."  And I was secretly hoping for red.  And guess what he came home with?

Yep.  A brown car.  Technically, it was a copper-colored 1980 Honda Accord. (This was in 1986). My heart sank when I saw it was brown but I quickly got over my 16-year-old self myself when I realized - I HAD A CAR! 

My friends and I named it the Copper Penny.  And let me tell you, that car was a good one until we sold it in 1993. I had just gotten my first real job out of college and bought myself a two door Saturn SC2.  And guess what color it was? 

It was red.  Oh how I loved that car!  I sold that car in 2002 when we bought the Explorer.  And while I loved the black Explorer I secretly missed having a red car. 

Now I just have to make sure the kids don't scratch it with their bikes, get dirt on the interior, eat anything in it and... Who am I kidding?  It will probably be full of mismatched shoes, used Kleenex, and missing homework assignments by the end of the week.

Oh well... at least she's RED!!!!


Colleen said...

New name: Clifford!

Love it!

Mari said...

Very nice! I like Colleens name.
Mine will be on my blog tomorrow.
Glad we're both done car shopping for awhile!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say you'd gotten a dog! Oh, well - a truck is wayyy more convenient than a puppy!

Anonymous said...

Nice ride, girl!

jennwa said...

It is a pretty car !!

Tyra Shortino said...

Congratulations on your new car! I think “Big Red” would be very good addition to your family. And the kids already love her! Well, reading from your post, I can say that it was a good deal. With a few scratches and miles, you can definitely take full use of this vehicle for a long period. Just make sure that you take care of it, especially the shiny red chrome. Regular maintenance would do the trick. :D