Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I'm going to test drive the new used car either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I hope I like it because not having a car all week has been a huge pain.  And not even a pain for me...a pain for my parents who have let me borrow theirs all week while my husband's car has been sitting the airport in Charlotte waiting on him to arrive home from Germany.

If you are scratching your head wondering why I didn't just use his car and take him to the airport, it's because the airport is over an hour away and in order to get him there and pick him up from there, lots of schedules would have to have been rearranged and more help requested of my parents and it was just easier this way.  Sort of.  Anyway, car problems are a huge hassle and I am thankful that I have my parents next door and I am thankful that they don't seem to mind me borrowing their car. Although I bet they are keeping their fingers crossed that I like the car I'm going to test drive.
--- 2 ---
Since my husband has been gone all week, I have had to take the kids to school in the morning.  I much prefer getting them out the door with waves and kisses and immediately going for a run over driving them all the way to school and then driving all the way back and then starting my run when I am normally done with it.  So if anyone asks why my house is dirtier than normal and why very few items got checked off my to-do list this week, I'm blaming it on that.  Totally blaming it on that.
--- 3 ---
I'm signing both kids up for community basketball next week.  This should be interesting.  Sarah has played for the last three years and still really doesn't seem to understand what's going on.  I'm hoping that it all finally clicks this season. Peter has never played basketball but he wants to give community ball a shot this season so he can try out for the school basketball team next year.  The problem with this big plan however, is that once Peter gets home from school it is like prying white off rice to get him to go anywhere else for the evening.  I'm already dreading practices. Although his best friend is playing too so I'm hoping that will spur him more happily and more readily to practice.  Fingers. Crossed. 
--- 4 ---
This week Peter has been working on his Pentatonic Block Scale.  It sounds really cool and if I was a real spiffy blogger, I would film it and put the clip on ye old blog so you could hear it.  But, I'm a lazy blogger so you'll just have to imagine a piano scale only way cooler because it's on the guitar.

--- 5 ---
Sarah let a toot on the way to school this morning and I said (like I always do), "You better go to the bathroom when you get to school."  And the kids said, (like they always do), "Why do you always think that just because someone toots they have to go to the bathroom?"  Um, because they always do. 

Of course, this happened just as we were pulling into the school.  I felt really bad for the poor teacher that opened the car door and got bombarded with that stink.  But I felt worse for me because, HOW EMBARRASSING!
--- 6 ---
Speaking of odors, I have noticed an odor coming from upstairs all week.  It was a stale, old, foot smell.  I sniffed around and thought it was coming from Sarah's room but I never could quite pinpoint it.  Until I realized that I wore these on our hike on Saturday and mistakenly put them in my upstairs closet. 
--- 7 ---
And speaking of running shoes, aren't my new ones adorbs? 

 Is it pathetic when a 43-year-old woman uses cutesy abrevs?  Probably.  But whatevs.

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Mari said...

Hope your test drive is a success! We tried one out Monday and bought it. I'll be posting about it this week! Hopefully you'll have a similar post soon.

Mari said...
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Anonymous said...

Lots of luck with the car today!
I hope it's just perfect!!

deborah said...

Best wishes on finding a vehicle!

And I love your new running shoes! They are totally great!

Angie Church said...

love your new running shoes so super cute and I know the brand is comfy

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