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Monday, May 4, 2020

We are always late to the Netflix game!

Sorry for the scare I gave everyone with the way I worded the beginning of my last post.  Thankfully, Uncle Bob is still alive and kicking and thankfully still symptom-free.  However, he failed his Friday test and continues to be at the rehab facility.  He will take another test today and if that one is negative will take another one tomorrow.  If the one he takes today is positive he will have to wait three more days for the next one.  UGH!

The weather this weekend was glorious.  In the 80s and sunny.  It's going to be the same today but the rest of the week will be in the 60s which is going to seem so chilly after being in the 80s!

Dan has been restaining our pergola over the last couple of weekends and should be done with it next weekend. 

The kids have three more weeks of online school and then they will be done for the year.  They are both OVER IT and even though summer is going to be weird, at least they will be done with school work and tests. 

I just got back from grocery shopping and scored some toilet paper!  It wasn't my favorite brand but hey - it sure beats using your hand! :) 

We didn't really do anything exciting this weekend other than our new normal of getting take-out for dinner on Saturday night.  I really miss eating inside a restaurant. 

Last night for dinner, I made a charcuterie board to enjoy with Dan. 

I know it's not super fancy but we enjoyed it! 

We've been watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix.  I know.  We should have been watching it years ago but Dan always objected to the name and just thought it would be tacky or in bad taste.  But thanks to the pandemic, we started watching it and we are really enjoying it!  It is very funny. 

What are some other shows on Netflix we should be watching? 


Anonymous said...

We are enjoying Grace and Franky, The Amazing MRs. Maisel, Designated Survivor are what we have been enjoying. Jill

Gigi said...

I loved that show. I second the Grace and Frankie recommendation! Call the Midwife was good - but not a show that Dan would love, I'm guessing. Stranger Things, of course. The Walking Dead (gruesome but, oh so good!). I know there are more but those are the only ones coming to mind just now.

The weather has been FABULOUS - rain tomorrow though- BOO!

Gigi said...

Oh! I forgot - yes, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime is perfection for comedy and the retro fashion.

And, speaking of retro fashion, Mad Men on Netflix. I used to work with a woman who confirmed that yes, that was in fact office life back in the day.

Ernie said...

We do not have Netflix. Sadly. Just got YouTube TV to ditch direct TV. One kid says Netflix is no good. Maybe Lad. I plan to convince Coach to get it anyway. Baby steps.