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Thursday, May 21, 2020


Our lovely weather from last week has disappeared.  This week has been wet and cold.  Feels more like early March than the end of May.  It's supposed to be warm this weekend and not rainy so I guess I'll take it.

Not much has been happening over here.  The kid's official last day of class is tomorrow.  They each have a grade level Zoom meeting on Tuesday but I'm not sure what that will entail.  They are just excited to be done with online school. 

Today they are going to the school to pick up their year books.  They will also be handed all the contents of their lockers which some lucky staff members got to bag up for everyone.  And they will be returning anything that belongs to the school - for example, Peter has two library books that need to go back.

I'm glad they get their yearbooks but it's a little sad that no one will be able to sign them. ...sigh...

On a brighter note - North Carolina moves into phase 2 of reopening on Friday at 5:00 pm.  This means restaurants can open at 50% capacity and salons can start cutting hair.  Also, pools will be able to open as well.

Sarah will actually be able to do her lifeguard training in a pool instead of a lake in the mountains thanks to phase 2.  She's excited to get that done so she can get all of her certification paperwork to her new employer and get to work.

In other exciting news we will begin car shopping for Sarah this weekend.  She's a little more excited about that than I am.  :)

Sarah and I ventured out to Marshall's and Target and Kohl's yesterday.  It wasn't much fun.  It's hard to shop for clothes when you can't try them on. We bought a few things and will most likely be returning some of them (neither one of us has tried anything on yet.)

Also, the selection is the stores was odd.  I guess it's because they are trying to get rid of the stuff that they had in early March when everything closed down and there's not a ton of summer stuff yet.  Not sure if that's because production on those items was halted or if they are just cautious on the amount of items they are bringing in. 

And Marshall's, which is usually packed to the brim with merchandise crammed everywhere, looked like they were in process of having a going-out-of-business sale and weren't restocking the shelves. 

Our chuch is holding Mass outdoors this weekend.  I'm interested to see how that goes. We are required to bring our own chairs, must space them 6 feet apart from other families, and the Eucharistic ministers will be applying hand sanitizer between each family they give communion to.  I am expecting a lot of people.  Dan however isn't.  The Bishop is still granting dispensation from the requirement to attend mass.  Dan thinks a lot of people will use this an excuse not to go.  Regardless of whether there are a lot or a few it's going to be interesting.

And with that, I will close this boring dreary post. I guess this post matches my mood which matches the weather. I don't even have any pictures to add to this post.  Hopefully we will have some sunshine soon on all fronts.


Mari said...

Here in Michigan it finally stopped raining and the sun is out. It even made it into the 70's today! However, we are still shut down, no restaurants, and sadly no hair salons.
Our church started meeting and we had a lot of people, because people came from churches that are still closed. You'll have to let us know how it goes for you.
Happy car shopping, and I hope the weather improves.

Madeline said...

Our weather has also been blah! Our pools can open for laps and swimming lessons but some have already closed. We are waiting to hear from our pool. We haven't been allowed back to church but I hope we will be able to soon!!

Ernie said...

I live for my pool time but we are not even sure it will open this summer. I bought an inflatable pool for the yard online at Walmart this morning and then got an email sayibg they had to cancel it. Out of stock. Dang. Coach thought I was crazy so he could care less. Stores are still not open here. The weather has been in 90s or close last few days- thus my NEED for a pool! We just replaced our teen car. Never fun.

thismammablogs.x said...

Hello , I am here from the UK and recently came across your blogs and all I can say is I am obsessed and can not stop reading yoyr amazing blogs. Over here life is slowly getting back to normal and places are now re opening. P.S I loved this blog.