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Friday, May 1, 2020

More of the same.

Uncle Bob passed and then subsequently failed another test so he is STILL at the rehab facility.  I guess I just don't get it.  Does this mean he has it one day and then doesn't have it the very next day?  That makes no sense to me.

It is so very frustrating as he is literally just sitting in a room alone.  I feel so bad for him.  His next test is scheduled for today and if he passes that then he will have another test on Saturday.  I am praying that he passes both of them (obviously) but I am not getting my hopes up.

We had a lot of wind and rain on Wednesday night and yesterday my hummingbird visitors spent the entire day back and forth to and from my feeders.  Not sure why but it was nice to see them all day long instead of just during the early morning and early evening hours.

It's cloudy and cool here again today but the weekend is supposed to be sunny and on Sunday it will reach 80!   Dan is planning to get the garden planted so hopefully the weather will cooperate!

I found a really yummy website on Joshua Snyder's website.  He's married to Angela Kinsey from The Office and he is a very good baker and there are lots of good recipes on his site.  These cookies were delicious!  And I know you aren't supposed to eat raw cookie batter but this was delicious and I could not stop. Here's the recipe for the Salted Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pretzel Cookies.

We only had Pretzel Thins so we subbed those for the regular mini pretzels called for in the recipe. I think they would have been even better if we had used a more pretzel-y pretzel!  Also, his pictures are better than mine!  :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Ernie said...

Not gonna lie, I read this as 'Uncle Bob passed' and I THOUGHT Uncle Bob PASSED! OMG. I hope he gets the test results he needs to break free. Those cookies look great and sound so yummy. Doggone gluten. Enjoy your weekend. Hope your weather is great. Ours looks sunny and 70s then 60s- I will take it.

Anonymous said...

Most tests can have false negatives (as well as false positives), which is probably why they require two rounds to verify that you really *are* clean. Some illnesses further complicate testing by having lulls - so the thing they're testing for may be too low to detect for just a bit - but I don't know if coronavirus is in that bucket. (imagine, say, if someone were "testing" whether a house had children in it exclusively by listening for one full hour during the day; most of the time, they could confirm that yes, children are there, but every once in a while, there would be an hour when all the children were magically silent for a full hour; still there, but silent. Or there might be a false positive if a house without any children was playing a movie that had children in it and the listener didn't pick up on the difference between movie-children and real-children. But *most* of the time, it'd work.)

Anyway! Hoping he gets the all-clear soon! :-)

Gigi said...

Poor Uncle Bob. Sending prayers that he gets the necessary results to go home soon.

Mari said...

I saw the line about Uncle Bob passed and it scared me until I read further! I hope he can pass the next two tests.
Yummy looking cookies!

Madeline said...

Poor Bob, I will keep praying for him! So happy to hear your hummingbird buddies were around though.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ummm, yeah, you should have worded that first line differently; I too felt my heart drop.
I pray he has good results and can get home asap.
The cookies look fabulous.