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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Great news!!

Guess what???

Uncle Bob was released yesterday!!!!!!!

His test on Monday was negative and the people at the rehab facility consulted with the people at his retirement home and they decided that since he had shown no symptoms of the virus for well over 2 weeks they were going to release him without another negative test!

We are so thankful and excited.  He called yesterday morning to tell us he was being released and he sounded a little somber (or maybe tired?)  but when he called to say he was back in his own room, he sounded elated!

Dan's cousin, Gerry, lives and works as a nurse in the area and was able to be there to see Uncle Bob as he was being released and managed to snap this picture as he was waving goodbye to all the staff:

He said he was shocked that Uncle Bob was actually walking out as most of the patients who are leaving after the virus are wheeled out in a wheelchair and in fact, the person that came out before Uncle Bob was being wheeled out on a stretcher.  So the fact that Uncle Bob is walking out is really great news!

Gerry said he looked good just tired and worn out from the whole ordeal and that he also looked like he had lost a bit of weight.  Hopefully, nothing that the food he loves at his retirement home and being in his own room will quickly remedy.

When I spoke with him on the phone yesterday, he said he was glad to be back in his room with all of his toys.  Kindle, computer, television, etc.  That made me laugh.

He will be quarantined in his room for 2 weeks now that he is back but he said he could leave his door open and other priests in the home can come to talk to him outside of his door. 

I am so thankful that he survived this virus and I'm very thankful that he has finally made it back to his home.  Thank you all for your prayers!


Madeline said...

How wonderful! I can't believe they wouldn't let someone bring him a Kindle! So glad he's home!

Gigi said...

That is wonderful news!!!

Ernie said...

Hooray! Great news.

Mari said...


Laura M said...

Yes, all the good news please!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is wonderful. I agree; being home with your toys is better than the hospital!

Michelle said...

That’s so great!