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Monday, November 25, 2019

Should have chosen another restaurant but it was still a nice weekend...

Dan made it home safely and on time on Thursday night!  And it sounds like he should be home through the holidays with no other trips currently planned yet.  Yippeeeeee!

On Friday, I met with my old Care Group from MOPS and we got caught up on life.  We are excited because in December we are registered to volunteer at Samaritan's Purse to fill Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes!  We were scheduled to do that last year but it snowed so we weren't able to do it.

It rained all day on Saturday so Dan wasn't able to mow the grass.  It really needs it one more time before he stops until the spring.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate over the long weekend coming up. I did laundry and we watched a lot of college football and ran some errands instead of doing any yard work and house work. 

On Saturday evening, Sarah had a birthday party dinner downtown at Crafted so Dan and I dropped her off to meet her friends and then he and I had a little date night.  We tried a new restaurant downtown and I was not impressed.  The name of the restaurant was  Sir Winston and it is located in the new Hotel Indigo. The food was pretty good but it was pricey and there wasn't enough of it.  You really shouldn't need a snack when you get home from dinner out. The atmosphere was cool and I loved the way it looked inside but I'm not sure I would go back unless there were menu changes. It would be a nice place for a drink but dinner...not so much. (Although, we asked the bartender a question about one of the beers he had on tap and he didn't know the answer.  So he asked the other two bartenders and neither did they so....)

On Sunday we went to Mass and then had lunch at my mom's.  Sarah really wanted to go to Starbucks after lunch so I took her and decided while I was there I might as well indulge in my favorite - a Peppermint Mocha!

After lunch we watched the Panthers game and then the Patriots game and now the weekend is over BUT we are all excited that it's a short week and we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving!

One other thing to note that I didn't mention previously.  I had my annual skin cancer check at the dermatologist office this past week.  I started going last year after I had the basil cell removed from my nose.  Last year she found a couple of pre-cancer spots that were forming and she used liquid nitrogen to freeze those off..  So now I go yearly.  This year she had to redo one of the spots from last year because it wasn't completely gone.  And she found another smaller one and another larger one.  So I look really pretty while they are scabbing up...

This was taken several days ago and it looks even worse now.  The two around my eye are nice and scabby red/brown like the large one on my forehead.  I look a little like a meth addict but luckily I can cover them with my hair and hopefully they will be less noticeable in a few days.

And now, it's off to the grocery store to get ready for Thanksgiving and having the family at home for most of the week.  And I've got an eye doctor's appointment and some errands to complete tomorrow and I'm attempting to get ahead on my Christmas shopping because after Thanksgiving on Thursday, we only have 3 and a half weeks until Christmas!  I don't want to alarm anyone but YIKES!!!!   It's time to get started on all the things!!!


Madeline said...

I really don't love the late Thanksgivings for that very reason! It seems like it's going to come fast!! Glad you had a good weekend even if the restaurant wasn't great. I am sure you look better than you think, we are our own worst critics after all.

Gigi said...

Oh Beth, you aren't even kidding about getting started on all the things. I keep saying that I'm going to go back to shopping earlier in the year; and every year I fail - so this will be another frantic scramble to get all the things done...again.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It's disappointing when you don't have a great time/meal when you get the opportunity to go out. ;(
Skincare is tough, isn't it?? Hopefully, you'll be all healed up before Christmas pictures.
Happy Thanksgiving week!!

Ernie said...

I have gone to a meal out and come home hungry - I find that super frustrating.

I went to the skin doctor last week and got great news. The kind of moles I have are not the bad kind. They are weird and they have a crazy long name. They DO grow larger and look irregular but they can be scratched at and they sort of flake off, but they come back. Oh well, because they are not dangerous at all. She did not find any pre-cancer cells either. Woo hoo! I am the sun worshiping type, so I am relieved.

That Christmas date is sneaking up rather quickly, which stresses me out. I have to survive the weekend of Irish dancing competition and then I can switch my focus. Still, I need more time. I am hoping to get my Christmas cards ordered by tomorrow. I took a ton of group shots in Vancouver - just need to pick one. Plus, I need to start fine tuning the Christmas poem I write every year. Tank prefers I only poke fun at myself this year, which given the year I have had is completely possible.