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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Foxborough here we come!

Last month, our niece Jillian was raising money for Boston Children's Hospital in conjunction with the New York City Marathon and she was giving away a chance to win two tickets to the Patriots/Bills game in December to anyone who donated.

On Saturday morning, I was scrolling though Facebook and drinking coffee while Dan was making his eggs and said, "Oh look! Jillian's drawing for the winner of the Patriots tickets this morning.  Maybe we will win!"  Then we both laughed because we NEVER win anything. 

About five minutes later the phone rang and the caller ID let us know it was Dan's brother Dick.  We both laughed and said, "he must be calling us to let us know we won the tickets." But really we just assumed it was about some trees that need to be taken down at the house on the Cape.

We actually won the tickets!!   

But here's the kicker.  The game is a flex game which means  it could either be played on December 21st  or December 22nd.  And they haven't announced the time and won't until they announce the date. So we had to be available to attend on either Saturday or Sunday which would mean flying up and being there on Friday evening  and flying home on Monday morning.

And of course, this is riiiiiiiiiiiight before Christmas.  The most stressful (but totally wonderful) time of the whole year.

Dick needed to know if we were going to use the tickets, otherwise, he was going to redraw for another winner.

We made the immediate decision to go for it! 

Dan has been a Patriots fan his entire life and has never been to a game in New England.  He did go to a preseason game here in NC against the Panthers when we lived in Charlotte but he has always wanted to go to a game in Foxborough. 

So we spent the free time we had on Sunday before Dan left for Ireland researching flights, hotels and rental cars.  Yes, these free tickets are going to end up being not-so-free but we are so excited!

It will be a nice little getaway for the two of us AND we will get to see TOM BRADY play in FOXBOROUGH! 

This trip is going to require some planning on my part though. 

I am going to have to have all the presents purchased and wrapped by the 19th because we are leaving for Boston on the 20th. Last year gifts were arriving up until the 23rd and were being wrapped hastily in the dark of night.  (Praise the Lord for Amazon Prime though!)

And we host a little Christmas Eve party which I will have to have the menu completely planned and food items purchased and in the fridge by the 20th because we aren't getting home until the 23rd.

I am hoping that I can use this little trip to get myself motivated to be ready ahead of time for Christmas.  Every year I say next Christmas will be different.  I'm going to start earlier.  I'm going to be better prepared.  I'm going to get everything done so I can relax the week before Christmas and soak it all in.  Blah, blah, blah.  And every year I seem to be doing everything up until the last minute.

Well, this year, I have no choice!  Let the Christmas planning begin!!


Madeline said...

How fun to win! That is good motivation to get Christmas figured out early.

Colleen said...

Sooooooo fun! I'm a little jealous but mostly happy for you guys :) I wish we had a big enough house and you can just stay with us, we're only about 40 minutes from Foxboro (in fact I used to work there!)

Ernie said...

I love this!!!! I can totally see you two joking around about how you probably won, and then YOU DID!!! So fun! I hope your Christmas duties come together in advance so you can relax. Curly was due Dec 25th and I begged the doc to let me go until after Christmas. (I was induced with all of them). He refused saying she was too big. Plus he figured this would be the one time I went into labor on my own and ended up in the hospital on Christmas. I had to be ultra organized that year. I do remember sending Coach to the hospital gift shop because Laddie needed to bring a big buddy gift to school the next day. Ha!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on the win!! This is a great motivator for you to really get it all done....and then you'll have a great trip with your main squeeze!!

Michelle said...

That’s so great!! Make sure you bring lots of layers!;)