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Monday, November 18, 2019

Another weekend recap.

On Friday, our high school soccer team was playing in the state championship quarter finals in Mt. Airy.  Peter wanted to go so before Sarah and I got home from swim practice he headed up the highway to make the one hour trip. 

(Have I mentioned before that having a teen-aged driver means you will be praying a lot more than you ever did before?  Even if you thought you prayed a lot previously, having a teen-aged driver means you will double - dare I say triple - the amount of time you spend in prayer. )

Anyway, he made it to and from Mt. Airy safely but sadly our soccer team lost.  He said our student section had as many kids as theirs so I'm glad he went to cheer on the team.  I know it means a lot to the teams when there are a lot of fans there.

On Saturday we headed back to Greensboro to the Apple store to pick up Sarah's repaired phone and turn in the loaner phone. She was sad to see the loaner phone go because even though it was also a 7, the battery was much better on it than on hers. However, she was happy to have her beloved rose gold phone back. "It's so much cuter than the black one." 

After we got her phone, we stopped into Anthropologie where she exclaimed, "I wish I could just live in this store!"  And then she proceeded to smell all the candles (that girl loves a good scented candle) and look longingly at all the gorgeous clothes.  Poor thing, she has Anthropologie tastes and her mother has a Kohls with coupons budget.  Hopefully she can find a nice high paying job some day to support her love of the finer things!

We then went to lunch at Five Guys since Peter wasn't with us.  He doesn't like to eat at Five Guys since they have all those peanuts every where.  But don't worry about Peter.  He was at home eating Bojangles and watching the Penn State game.  He was in his happy place.

On Saturday evening we attended Mass and then met my brother and my mother at Longhorn Steakhouse for Peter's birthday dinner.  After dinner, we went back to mom's house where we had birthday cake and opened presents.

Ignore the two photobombers on the left.  (Look at those mischievous grins!)
Me and my baby! 

Dan headed to the airport on Sunday at noon and dropped Sarah off at a restaurant downtown for Friendsgiving.  Peter and I had lunch with my mom, brother, and uncle.

Later on Sarah texted me that they were almost done with lunch so I was heading out the door to pick her up.  The phone rang and it was Dan.  He was leaving the airport and heading back home because his driver's license had expired.

They will let you on the plane with an expired license but you can't check a bag.  He had taken his large suitcase because he has to wear suits on this trip and typically he checks his bag anyway  because he doesn't like to deal with a bag on the plane or in the airport.  (This is opposite of every one else on the plane but he prefers not having to fight for overhead bin space with everyone else.  He travels a lot and not having to deal with his suitcase is what he prefers.  And don't try to change his mind on this - he will not budge!)

Since he needed his clothes and the bag was too big for an overhead bin, he quickly rebooked  his flight from a 2:30 to a 5:30 departure and headed home to get his passport.  He swung by downtown Winston-Salem and picked up Sarah.  He got home, decided to squeeze everything into a smaller bag because his connecting flight left practically as soon as he landed and he didn't want to have to deal with lost luggage.  And he grabbed his passport and headed back to the airport.

He made all of his flights on time and managed to check in to his hotel in Seattle around 11:30 pm their time. I know he's tired today though but hopefully he will be able to stay awake through all his meetings!

Sarah has her first swim met of the season tonight and she's nervous.  She always is but hopefully she can swim fast.  It's raining and cold here and I'm annoyed that we never got our fall.  It went straight from Indian summer to winter weather.  Alright - no one likes a weather complainer so I'll stop right now.  But if it doesn't warm back up to normal November temps soon, I'm going to be grumpy!  (Ok....grumpier than normal!)


Mari said...

I'm complaining about the weather - its freezing! :)
Poor Dan. That would have stressed me out. He's much more seasoned than I am!
Peter is looking so old! And more like Dan all the time.
You are right about prayer and teenage drivers.

16 blessings'mom said...

Teenage drivers...oh dear. My 13h child, my Sonja K., is learning to drive now. You would think, that after all these years, with all these kids, it would get easier! But no, I still hit the invisible brake! She's actually doing okay...and after her, only three more, ha!
My husband travels for work too, it's tiring and stressful, but he is the opposite, he doesn't like checking bags...

Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!!!
Penn State, huh??
We are huge fans!
Love the picture of you and your son.
Dang, these kids grow up quickly!

Madeline said...

I hope the swim meet was great! I have to update my license for a Real ID but luckily I have my passport too.

Peter's birthday celebration looks like it was wonderful!

Ernie said...

Oh no- expired license. Sounds like a nightmare. Hope the meet went well. And I love your kohls with coupons shopping description! Ha. Mini has so many clothes, but I have learned that it is because she stock piles clothes on the closet floor instead of putting them away. I am refusing to buy her anything else until she wears the stuff she has.

Gigi said...

I'm with Dan on this one. And I don't even fly that often. I have watched other ) people struggle with getting those bags in the overhead compartments and I know I don't have the patience or the height to deal with it.