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Monday, November 4, 2019

A double portion of what we did this weekend.

I never got around to posting last week.  It was my intention every day to post but I've been busy or lazy or a combination of the two.  Or just lazy. 

Two Fridays ago, we played our last home football game.  And sadly, we lost.  But I have a few good pictures from that game:

I love my number 22!

Last week Sarah started swim practice and has tryouts this week.  The coach is only taking 12 girls and 12 boys this year.  Last year there were no cuts and the team was pretty big.  Not sure why the change this year. He may have addressed that in the parent meeting but I didn't attend. 

Sarah went to a friend's house after swim practice on Halloween and watched movies and then went to another friend's house for a sleepover.  One of the parents sent me this picture:

The kids had Friday off of school because of All Saint's Day.  The kids and I attended Mass and then had lunch and then Peter had to go to school to catch the bus to the away football game.

Dan and I went to the game after he got off work and sadly, we lost that one too.  This has not been our year. 

On Saturday, Dan headed to the airport to go to Ireland.  The kids and I and my mom went to Mass and then out to dinner.  While at dinner we got a text from Dan that his flight was delayed and then it was ultimately cancelled.  He was rebooked for Sunday and he actually got to come home for the night!  That was a nice little surprise.  Of course, he had to leave on Sunday but I'll take it!  He's has three week-long trips in a row so I will gladly take any time I can get with him.  :)

The reason the kids and I went to Mass on Saturday night instead of our usual Sunday was because Peter and some friends went to the Panthers game!  We bought tickets to go as a family but then Dan's trip came up and Peter asked if he could take some friends to the game. 

I'm hemmed and hawed for a bit because I wasn't wild about the idea of Peter and three friends driving themselves to Charlotte and going to the game alone.  But Dan assured me they would be fine so I agreed.

I was a bit of a Nervous Nelly about the whole thing and did a lot of extra praying.  (Like, A LOT.)  Like so much that God was probably thinking - geez will you  just leave me alone for a bit. Or maybe at least pray about something else.

I transferred the tickets to Peter and he put them in his Apple wallet.  And because I was nervous about  him driving around downtown Charlotte I went ahead and prepaid for him to park at a lot downtown near the stadium.  That way he could just plug the address for the parking lot into his GPS and be good to go.  He wouldn't have to waste time trying to find a place to park and it would be one less thing for me to worry about too. 

After they parked, the boys grabbed Subway for lunch and then walked to the stadium.  Peter sent me this one picture from the whole day:

When he left the house on Sunday morning I told him I wanted a picture of him and his friends.  Of course, I didn't get that.  He told me that it would have looked weird if he and his friends were taking a selfie at the game.  So, I'll take the above picture of the field and be happy that I at least go that.

He texted me at the end of the game that he had a great time.  I was happy to hear that and I'm sure part of the fun was being on his own with his friends AND the fact that his favorite team WON! 

It's always nice to get a win.


Madeline said...

Football football football. So happy you got some extra time with Dan and Peter had a good time at the game.

Mari said...

Peter is growing up! I can see how hard it was to let him go on his own. Glad he had fun!

Gigi said...

Even I get nervous when mine is driving in big cities...and he's been driving for YEARS now.