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Monday, October 21, 2019

Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming weekend is in the books.

And they won!  I am so excited for this team!  They played a great game and won.

Peter said the Greensboro newspaper predicted that they would lose so the win was even nicer.  (Although, really, why are local newspapers predicting winners and losers?  Are people gambling on high school games?)

Sarah spent Saturday morning doing her nails.  She found the perfect shade of polish that matched her lilac shoes.  And Peter spent the day watching football.

Both kids were going in opposite directions so it's a good thing Peter was driving himself.  His group was meeting for pictures at Tanglewood in Clemmons and they were having dinner at 2520 Tavern.

This was great for Peter as Clemmons is pretty near where we live.  It wasn't so great for his date for the evening. She lives in Greensboro which is about as far away from Clemmons as you can get so her dad drove her to Tanglewood and then Peter drove her to the restaurant and to the dance.

Sarah was meeting her date and her friends in Greensboro for pictures at the Greensboro Country Club and dinner at the Imperial Koi.

Here's a few of the pictures from the evening.

Sarah and her friend Cameron

The whole group.
The girls.

Peter and his friend Megan.

The whole group.

The boys.


Mari said...

Good Grief! Wasn't it enough that Peter grew up? And now Sarah too? They both looked so nice and the dress is beautiful!
Isn't it fun to see the differences between the girls group just posing for the camera and the boys just goofing off?

Madeline said...

What a wonderful Homecoming weekend for you all. And seriously, just tell them to slow it down already, they look far too grown up! They both look fabulous, I do like her dress! (Did the internet one pull through?)

Ernie said...

So cute. Everyone looks nice. I remember the dress shopping and falling in love with one dress. Was this it? Or did she find something else she liked as well?

Kelli said...

Fun weekend! Love all the homecoming pictures!

Michelle said...

They look great! Hope they had a great time!