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Friday, October 4, 2019

More dress shopping.

It's October 4th and it is currently 90 degrees and according to my weather app should reach 92!  And this is the coolest day of the week so far.  We are breaking records and I am here for it.

I ran errands this morning in shorts and sandals!  The only negative for me is the fact that our electric bill typically starts going down in September when we aren't running the AC all the time. But it is still cranking.

Sadly, a cold front is coming in tonight and the high temperature tomorrow is supposed to be 68 degrees.  That's a 24 degree DROP. I am definitely not ready for that.

Enough boring weather talk.  Let's talk about Sarah's homecoming dance dress.  Last week I mentioned that the one she loved was overpriced and we weren't getting it.  We went last Friday (the kids had the day off of school) to another place that had formal wear in the hopes that they had some cute short dresses.

They did  have some beautiful short dresses.  There was one really pretty one but we looked at the price tag and it was $250 so NO!

We headed back to the mall because Sarah had seen someone she follows of TikTok (social media video app for all y'all old people like me who didn't know what it was and had to Google it) that was raving about the dress she wore to her homecoming.  She got it at Dillard's.  Off to Dillard's we went again.  (In my opinion, Dillard's has the best selection of hoco dresses out there.  The other department stores just don't have the same volume as Dillard's.)

We found the dress but they did not have her size.  So she tried on the closest size and decided she liked it so we ordered it from their website.  This dress was also more than I wanted to spend for a dress she would only wear once but at least we were done with dress shopping!

Or so I thought.

A couple of days later she started saying, "What if I hate it when it gets here?"  Which is code for, "I think I've changed my mind."

It came.  She tried it on.  And it fit perfectly.

"I don't love it."

So, it was mailed back to Dillard's and the great hoco dress hunt of 2019 started over.  Several of her friends have been ordering their dresses from random little boutiques/online shops in LA.  So after hours of pouring over those to no avail, she finally found a dress she liked.

But they didn't have her size so we ordered the next size down because based on the online measurements. This particular boutique requests that you post a picture of yourself in your dress and tag the store.  Then they post it and you can see how other people look in the dress.  They post their height and weight and the size dress they bought.  And it was crazy seeing the different sizes and shapes of people all in the exact same sized dress.  So that left us not knowing exactly which size to purchase so there's a chance this size might work.

She also found another similar dress that was in what we think is her actual size on this website and purchased it. as well.  This boutique does free returns so fingers crossed one of these dresses will fit and we will send the other one back. Not sure what we are going to do if neither dress fits.

And a nice bonus about this particular boutique is the fact that these are super cute dresses but they aren't super expensive because they  aren't super dressy (no beading, no sequins, etc) so she might be able to wear this again.

She opted for a basic black dress so that means she got to have fun figuring out what color shoes to wear with it.  This boutique also sells shoes.

Now we are just hoping that the dress comes sooner rather than later and that one of these dresses works.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I'll be by the fireplace trying to warm up!

And since I can't have a pictureless post, here's my favorite shot from last weekend and my current phone screensaver:


Gigi said...

This weather is ridiculous! I love summer, but it's past time for this heat to leave. Fingers crossed about the dresses.

Mari said...

Pretty photo!
I sure hope one of these dresses works. I bet you are tired of dress shopping. :) Be sure to post a picture of her when she finds one!