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Thursday, October 10, 2019

The tale of my lost keys....

Last Thursday evening, Sarah drove home from swim practice.  Before she drives, she has to  adjust the driver's seat, adjust all three mirrors, turn on her Road Ready app to track her time behind the wheel, and then and only then does she slowly  pull out of the parking lot.

Her driving is getting better - it really is.  But it's all such a process.  A necessary one but still, it is testing my patience.  Something I know I don't have much of and apparently God feels I need to work on but still....

When we pulled into the garage she tried to cut the car off before putting it in park.  A rookie mistake for sure but every once in a while I, a seasoned driver of 34 years, find myself also making. So while I was a little annoyed, I wasn't angry. But we were both a little flustered.

She got it in park, turned off the engine and then, typically I take the keys from her and put them on the kitchen counter when I'm lazy or in my purse where they belong when I'm doing it right.  And she typically sits in the car turning off the Road Ready app and Snap Chatting with her friends while still sitting in the car.

I remember rushing inside to get started on dinner.  I already had tomato bisque in the crock pot but I was also making grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it and wanted to get that started so we could eat.  The bisque is delicious, by the way.  I need to share that recipe with you some day...

Fast forward to Friday morning.  I was heading out to run some errands so I grabbed my purse and started searching for my keys.  They weren't in my purse.  They weren't in the kitchen.  They weren't where my husband keeps his keys.  So I grabbed the spare and headed out to run my errands.

I kept replaying Thursday evening in my head and could not remember for the life of me if Sarah handed me the keys or if she kept the keys and brought them in.

When I got home from my errands, I searched her room and every other place I thought they might be.

When I picked her up from school I asked her.  She thinks she gave them to me but then asked if I checked the recycling bin.  She typically tosses her water bottle in the bin after practice and thought maybe she had accidentally tossed them in the bin if she had them in her hands.

I had just taken the trash and the recycling to the dump earlier that day and I didn't think to check in bins for my missing keys..

I have prayed all the prayers.  I have asked St. Anthony to pray.  I have asked St. Rebecca Irene to pray.  And nothing.  No key.

The thing that annoys me the most is that we just had new keys made because the original set was cracking (thanks Honda - I would think that you of all car manufacturers would be able to make a set of keys that would last more than 6 and a half years.)  And this new set of keys wasn't cheap so to have already lost one is a big bummer.

But I have continued to pray that I find this key and I have continued to search. I've looked in the cabinets, the pantries, the bedrooms.  Places the key should not be but places it might have been laid.

I told Dan I was still praying and he asked why.

Well, why not?!  I have faith the size of a mustard seed and if that can move mountains it can also find keys.

He argued that if they had been tossed in the recycling (like I honestly believe they were) then we would never find them.

But I disagree with that.  God isn't constrained by space and time the way we are so if he wants to mysteriously return my keys then he will. 

So I am continuing to pray.  I am continuing to look.  And I still have faith as small as a mustard seed.

I really do feel like I am going to find those keys.

I'll keep you posted!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my goodness. I know something like this will make your brain hurt trying to solve the mystery.
The Coach lost his key fob for my car about 7 months ago. We went several months with only one while looking everywhere for his. Finally, I realized the fob was gone forever. I went and purchased a new one. $780!!!! WTH?
A few weeks later, I was having HIS truck detailed and the detailer pulled the key fob out from under his seat. Geeze louise!
I hope you find your key soon.
So, you take your trash and recycling to the dump? They don't pick up?

Ernie said...

Oh no!!! I hope they turn up. I had to pay to have a new key made for my security box at the bank. I had looked everywhere- especially in the car. I figured I dropped it and never brought it in to store it in the desk drawer where it belongs. A year later I found it in one of the cars. Now I don't even remember where. Either the pocket in the door or the console. I hate losing things. Good luck!

Billie Jo said...

Tony Tony Look around.
Something's lost that must be found!
Keep the faith!!!

Gigi said...

I have a sneaking feeling those keys might be in the car or garage (if that's where you park).

I had to laugh when you said, "it is testing my patience. Something I know I don't have much of and apparently God feels I need to work on but still...." because it reminded me of something once said to me...Never pray for more patience because then God will send you plenty of opportunities to practice.

Mari said...

I remember getting those hours of driving for my kids and it is not easy! I needed more patience too - don't know that I ever got it though! :)
I've been going through something similar in looking for something. (but not as important as your keys) I had to leave work for a short while a few weeks ago to run to the dentist. I remember walking into the office and realizing I still had my work name tag on, so I took it off and put it in my purse. Later that day I realized I never put it back on and went to get it. But it wasn't in my purse. I thought it must have fallen out in the car, so looked when I got home. Not there! I emptied out my purse, not there. After a few days I asked the office to get me a new name tag. It takes a few weeks, and I got a temporary one until it arrived.
Well - imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened my purse and found that name tag right there in plain sight! I can't explain it but there it was.
I hope your keys show up in plain sight too!

Madeline said...

Oh man, what a pain for you! I really hope that you find them. I will pray too since getting another set of keys doesn't sounds like much fun at all!