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Monday, October 7, 2019

Another weekend recap.

It was another busy weekend - well, for the kids anyway. 

There was no football game on Friday night and no football practice either.  Sarah went to a big sleepover with a bunch of her besties.  And Peter came home to get started on his homework.


Just checking to see if you were all awake.

Peter did not get started on his homework because that's not his style.  But he did get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.  He met a friend for breakfast and then they went to Hanes Park with a big group of kids from their environmental science class to do a park cleanup. 

And then after a few hours of picking up trash in the park, he and a bunch of these kids went for pizza at the Mellow Mushroom.  When he got home, he asked if he and Colton could go to the Dixie Classic Fair.

We looked on line for prices - the fair may be cheesy (in my mind anyway) but it sure ain't cheap! Parking was gong to cost them $10 and rides were going to be between 6 to 10 tickets each.  We figured out which would be the best amount of tickets for them to get (based on price breaks) and they headed out.

He got home in time for dinner.  He said they had a good time but it was kind of cheesy for the amount of money it cost him (he used his own money for this). I agreed.  I'm not a fan of the fair but I know other people live for it. 

My loathing of the fair stems from my disdain of any and all rides AND the fact that one time in elementary school my parents took my brother and me to the fair.  I believe my dad's Lion's Club was selling concessions to raise money.  Or maybe we just went for the heck of it.  I can't remember because it was so long ago.

My brother and I got on a ride that basically went round and round in a circle.  It was one of those swing type rides but we were sitting in the seat together. 

Anyway after a couple of minutes on this ride my brother looked over at me and vomited.

All over me.

And they had served hotdogs in the school cafeteria for lunch that day.  And guess what was all over me.


We left right after that obviously because  I was covered in hot dog vomit. 

And that's my fair story.

Anyway, Peter didn't get vomited on so I considered that a win for him. 

I picked Sarah up from her sleepover.  Made a delicious carrot cake for Sunday dessert.  And we watched football - what else - all afternoon and evening.

On Sunday morning, Dan and I left a little early for Mass because we were helping to sign people up to sponsor a child through Unbound.  A visiting priest was coming to talk about the program and since we are sponsors they reached out to see if we could help out at the registration table.

If you aren't familiar with Unbound, you should check them out. 

We sponsor three children from one family (well, actually just two now as the older sister has graduated from high school and has aged out of the program).  I can tell from their letters to me that my measly $40 a month has made a drastic change in their lives. 

These kids are able to go to school because of our help, eat decent food and get healthcare.  The older sister is working at a professional job and taking college classes part time all because of our support.

They address me as "Godmother" when they write letters to me and that makes me feel good. They've even asked on several occasions for us to visit them.  Unbound offers trips to meet your sponsored children and we may just do that some day.

Another cool thing about Unbound is that you can also sponsor elderly people who need help.

Anyway, go check them out!  You won't be sorry!

After Mass, we had lunch at mom's house and then watched football and ran a couple of errands and now we are back to Monday.

Is it just me or do the weekends go by faster and faster?

It doesn't look like much but it was DELICIOUS!!!!!


Madeline said...

It sounds like an amazing weekend! Did Peter get his homework done? How cool that you sponsor kids through Unbound. I've never heard of that program but I will look into it!

Billie Jo said...

I also have not heard of that program, but will look it up!
And save me a piece of that carrot cake next time, please!!!
Have a cozy week, dear friend.

Mari said...

Oh no! You have the worst Fair story and I can see why that made you not think too highly of Fairs.
I haven't heard of that program but will check it out.
The Dr I work with has sponsored a girl for years. She is graduating this year, so he and his wife visited her in Albania this summer. He said it was a great experience.

Ernie said...

You are full of surprises from being vomitted on to the Unbound story. Very cool. Well the latter part. I would steer clear of fairs too. That cake looks amazing. I did not even try carrot cake until after college. My mom was a picky eater and we were not exposed to many cullinary treats as a result. Football and cake sound relaxing. I was traveling. Again.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my, your fair story is terrible!!
I'm not a big fan of the fair now, or as an adult ever. But as a kid, I loved it. It was the one day a year I was able to get my hands on a corn dog. ;)