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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

All the things because apparently my plan to post frequently during the summer never happened so here's another long post of randomness..

Wednesday?  Really? And I'm just now getting around to my weekend update. Time really does fly.

Are we all tired of hearing that yet? Because everyone and their brother is posting that on Facebook and all the social media platforms with pictures of their babies going to college, high school, middle school, kindergarten, and/or preschool.

I'm not judging because this morning I dropped my baby off at high school for freshman orientation day and I just can't help thinking back to when she was a baby and how it only seems like yesterday and how can it be 9th grade already???  And my only explanation is TIME FLIES!

She was excited to go this morning but my sweet Sarah was very nervous.  I took her and Cheyanne to the mall Monday and when we got home this was in our yard welcoming her to Bishop McGuinness:

That was exciting!  And this morning, as we pulled in, the first thing we saw was an upperclassman in a cap and gown holding a Welcome to Bishop sign and waving.  When we pulled through the car rider line a large group of Student Ambassadors wearing matching tee shirts were cheering and yelling, "Welcome to Bishop" and some of them were from Our Lady of Mercy so they welcomed Sarah by name.  And then when she walked towards the front doors, the cheer leaders (in uniform complete with pompoms) were cheering the freshmen on as the headed in the building.

It was such a warm welcome!  And then, look what they were handing out to the parents as we drove off...

Didn't even have to get out of my car!

So now let me backtrack to a little...

On Thursday I took Peter to get his braces off!

So handsome.  Now that the braces are off maybe I will get to see this big smile more frequently!
Friday night we attended the first football game of the season.  We lost but it was still a good game.

On Saturday, Dan and Peter finished up the balance of the work on Peter's Eagle Scout project.  Now that it's finally completely finished he can do the rest of the written report. He doesn't seem to be in any hurry so I'm sure it's going to require some mothering from me for him to get it done.

And by mothering, I mean nagging.

Both kids completed their summer reading papers in case you were nervous that they wouldn't.  :) And they both got to hear ,yet again, a lovely lecture from their dad about how getting your work done early is better than leaving it to the last minute.  But it was in one ear and out the other just like every other time he's given that lecture.  I love that he keeps trying though...

On Sunday we went to Mass then had lunch at my parent's house where we celebrated my brother's 48th birthday.  He and I are the exact same age for the next 3 weeks!

And on Sunday afternoon, Sarah and I headed out to a swim team meet and greet.  The existing members of the swim team and the coach and some parents met any of the new swimmers that could come.  Sarah got to meet the coach and I got to meet some of the experienced high school swim moms so that was nice!

On Monday I took Sarah and Cheyanne to the mall where they spent 3 hours shopping and I spent two and half hours walking laps around the mall in cheap Target sandals.(I did spend 30 minutes drinking coffee and texting them to ask "how much longer".)  I walked a callous on the bottom of my left foot and on Tuesday both my feet were sore.  Next time I take those girls to the mall I'm going to make sure to wear my sneakers!

Yesterday I made home made tomato sauce from tomatoes from our garden and homemade meatballs.The sauce was a lot of work (too much if you ask me) but it was really good and Dan (the person for whom I was making it because I love him very much) really enjoyed it too!

The sauce simmering in the pot.

The meatballs before I browned them.
Meatballs and sauce simmering away.

Before serving, I covered everything with LOTS of mozzarella and broiled it for a few minutes.

My only issue with the meatballs was that I overcooked them a little.  But as Dan said, "Better overcooked than under cooked."

And now, you are all caught up!  Tomorrow is the first real day of school for both kids so you can expect another "Time Flies" post from me!  :)


Madeline said...

Oh Peter looks even more grown up sans braces! I hope you do get to see that smile more. Sullen teenage boys are the norm I think though. Wonderful that Sarah had such a nice welcome, hopefully, her day goes well as she gets acclimated.

And you can say it as many times as you need because time does fly.

Gigi said...

If I'm remembering correctly, I believe there may have been tears in my eyes when I dropped Man-Child off for high school. It does go incredibly fast. And, I'm gonna warn you - the next four years will be the fastest yet.

Mari said...

Yes, time keeps flying faster! I hate to tell you but it gets worse. :)
Peter looks very grown up and handsome!
Glad Sarah had such a nice welcome. Those changes are hard.