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Thursday, August 23, 2018

First Day of School and Thankful Thursday Edition 34

It's the first day of school! 10th grade and 9th grade!

Notice the fatherly photobomber in the back?  He likes to to try drive me crazy when I'm taking photos before we rush off to school.  Good thing he's so cute!

And just to make me feel really old and sad and melancholy I thought I would share these two posts from the archives:

Peter's first day of kindergarten.

Sarah's first day of kindergarten.

Look at my babies!  SOB!

My how time flies!  (You knew I was going to say it!)

And now how about a little Thankful Thursday?

1.  My kids are in school!  Time to get back to a regular schedule that doesn't involve me forcing them out of bed at 11:00 AM (okay - that's Sarah.  Peter always had me get him up around 9:00 this summer after we were done with swim practice because he didn't want to waste the whole day sleeping. Sarah on the other hand would sleep until 2:00 PM if I let her.)

2. My kid's school.  I really do love their high school.  I loved their elementary/middle school as well. I'm a firm believer that no school is perfect you just have to find the one that is perfect for your kid.

3.  The teachers.  I am so very thankful for people who are willing to teach my kids.  They all have different strengths and weakness and my kids like some of them more than others but it's like I tell my kids - you've got to learn to work for and with a whole variety of people in your life so get used to it!  (Said lovingly of course as they were complaining....)

4.  A rose on the window.  Dan picked this little beauty from the bush in our yard and it makes me smile.   

5. Target/Starbucks.  Is it silly to be thankful for a Target that contains a Starbucks?  I hope not because I really am thankful for it.  I enjoyed a grande skinny mocha latte this morning as I consoled myself with a little retail therapy after carpool.  I really enjoyed that mocha as I browsed the clearance racks.

6.Sunny and cool.  The weather is sunny and cooler than average these next few days and it makes it look and feel like fall around here...  I'm enjoying it but I hate to see the hot weather end because that means cold is right around the corner. 

7.  Sarah had a great day yesterday at Freshman Orientation.  She was extrememly nervous but once she got through the crowd of cheering upperclassmen she said she saw a bunch of people she knew (from some middle school events the high school held over the last couple of year) and she said everyone was friendly and she felt good about heading back today for a real day of class. Whew!

What are you guys thankful for this week?


Ernie said...

I love summer and I hate when it ends, but I was ready for the kids to get to school and ready for a regular schedule. That being said, I am now back to babysitting. I am thankful that I have new families to sit for and I am rid of the nutty family. I do keep a tiny bag of chia seeds in my kitchen drawer as a reminder that no matter what is going on, I don't have that kind of nonsense to contend with. I am also thankful that I have a new contractor to finish the kitchen. Let's not kid ourselves here, this one is also slow. I understand though that my little wrap up isn't a priority for anyone who didn't start it. Fingers crossed that it will be done soon.

Mari said...

I love that you have blog posts of their first day o kindergarten. They were so cute - still are!

Madeline said...

All wonderful things to be thankful for!

DIane said...

I am thankful for wonderful parents like you that raise wonderful children. As I looked back at the pic of Sarah from Kindergarten I thought wow! she has grown so much and is beautiful like her mom!

Billie Jo said...

I LOVE the flashback posts!!!!!
Your babies!!!
And you look exactly the same!!!
I know you are all going to have great year, and I cannot wait to follow along!