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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cape Cod Vacation

We are back from our Cape Cod vacation!  I apologize for not doing a Thankful Thursday last week but there is no wi-fi at our house on the Cape and the cell service on Cape Cod is horrible so my plan to attempt to post from my phone did not happen.

Apparently there was massive amounts of rain here at home while we were gone and lots of flooding but it was sunny and warm at the Cape so we were able to do everything we wanted to do on our vacation.

Selfies on the beach with my girl...

A visit to the Barnstable County Fair where we did get a little rain but were still able to see a lot of animals, ride a few rides, watch a tractor pull, visit the exhibits, etc....

 And spent more time on the beach with my girl...

We spent some time in Boston before we ....

Harvard Book Store

This was right before a bird flew over and pooped on us!  Luckily I always carry WetWipes!

...we headed to Fenway to see the Red Sox play!!!

Fenway Selfies!

The ballgame went into extra innings but the Red Sox managed to win it in the 13th inning!  We got a lot of extra baseball and after the walk back to our car and the drive back to the Cape, we weren't in bed until 2:00 AM!  It was worth it though!

The next day we went for a bike ride on the Shining Sea Bike Path.  We did the portion from Falmouth to Woods Hole.   It's only about 7 miles round trip and we always stop for lunch in Woods Hole in the middle and cupcakes in Falmouth at the end.  Even I don't complain too much about a bike ride when it includes lunch and cupcakes!

This was our view for part of the ride....  

We got to watch the drawbridge open in Woods Hole.


Cupcakes!  Peter had a Whoopie Pie which is not pictured because he was eating it while this was being taken.  You can see his elbow!  :)

We stopped to take a walk on the beach during our ride.  It was so rocky.  Not sure if they brought those rocks in or not but I was glad we had our shoes on!

On Wednesday, we picked Cathy up from the airport and met Uncle Bob and headed to Glouchester to visit  Uncle Ron (who isn't technically their uncle but in fact on of Uncle Bob's oldest friends from the seminary and spent all the holidays with Dan's family so he really feels  like another uncle.

 And then we spent Thursday on the beach, had the best clam chowder in the world at Captain Parker's, took a quick evening bike ride, and finished a puzzle. 

Cathy and Sarah

That's everyone in the distance playing in the water.

My men.

The chowder!

And then on Friday we took a hike from the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History out to Wings Beach where you can look out over the water and see the arm of the cape just as it looks on the map.  You can't really make that out in the pictures though.

And then one last swim before we packed everything up...

And with that, our Cape Cod vacation was over. I hope you enjoyed our photos.  And now we only  have two weeks until school starts.  How can the summer be over so soon???


Madeline said...

What a perfect vacation!! Glad the Red Sox won for your game. That bike ride view is stunning, and yes, any bike ride that results in those cupcakes would be worth it!

Mari said...

Loved the pics! Looks like a wonderful vacation!

Billie Jo said...

I loved sharing this awesome vacation with you guys!
Love your family, love the beach, love the chowder and the cupcakes too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

WOW! What a great vacation for your family. So glad you take so many pictures to document these very special days with your growing kids; you'll really appreciate them later on.
We've been talking about getting to a Red Sox game one day; our friend Chris is one of the starting pitchers.
Why does school seem to start earlier and earlier??

Ernie said...

Looks like you fit in a lot on your vacation. So fun!