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Friday, June 22, 2018

Weekly miscellany...

 As I mentioned yesterday, we joined a little gym.  It's a 24/7 place.  We have a code and we can go any time we like.  It has two treadmills, two bikes, two elipicatcal  machines and one each of all the typical weight machines and free weights.  Like I said it's small. BUT - it's only 2 minutes from the house and it is cheap.

The only reason we joined is because Peter said he wanted to "get buff" this summer and Sarah has been beggggggggggggggggggging me for almost a year to get her a treadmill.  This seemed like a good solution - cheap gym near the house which Jennifer's family already belongs to means Peter and Colton can meet their summer goal to "get buff" and Sarah and Cheyanne can run on the treadmill until their little hearts are content.

I have been taking them after morning swim practice and while we are there, I do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio and then the weight machines.  Like I said yesterday, I have no great dreams of huge weight loss or lots of muscles but it feels good to be moving this old body and perhaps I'll see a little change.

3. Yesterday when I was watering the plants, I noticed this:

I immediately removed them:

And stepped on them:

And then I panicked when I saw the milky subtanced thinking what if these are hummingbird eggs.  Even though I knew that hummingbird eggs wouldn't be made of what appeared to be mud.

I immediately googled it and discovered that these did not look anything like hummingbird eggs.  I felt much better. Then I proceeded to google "what insect has a mud-like ball looking nest" and that's when I discovered that these were Potter Wasp nests.  And then I didn't feel so bad for stomping on them.  Ain't nobody got time for wasps.

Dan has been gone all week and will be home this evening.  Our pool is starting something new this summer - Food Truck Friday Nights.  So we will hopefully be spending the evening at the pool eating delicious food from a food truck.

Have a great weekend!


Mari said...

Good for you for joining the gym!
Glad you got rid of that wasp nest too, and what a relief it wasn't a hummingbird egg.
Yay for Dan being home!

Ernie said...

Wasp nests- YUCK! Food at the pool on a Friday night- what could be better? Oh how I love the gym. You might surprise yourself with a little weight loss or a toned up feeling .

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have a vendetta against all wasps; they eat my monarch eggs and caterpillars!
The gym sounds like a perfect solution to the kiddo's wants/needs. Enjoy!