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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 23

It's Thankful Thursday - time to list out some of the things I've been thankful for this past week.

1. Sarah's busy, fun, crazy, weekend celebrating her class and graduation. I'm very thankful for the fun times they had.  I know they are all a little sad knowing that they will never be together as one unit again.  But I also know they are ready to take on high school thanks to their time together at Our Lady of Mercy.

2.  Summer is here.  Well, technically not officially until tomorrow when Peter takes his last exam but it is so close that I'm already thankful for the slower pace it will bring.

3.  This guy!

It's my dad's 76th birthday today!  I love you so much Dad!

4. In my post about Sarah's graduation dance, I mentioned that we were running very behind and got to the dinner late but that we made it much quicker than expected because we hit all the green lights.  I prayed that we would make it quickly (and actually prayed that we would just get there because 14 year old girls that aren't happy with their hair can be a little irrational.) My prayers were answered - the girl calmed down, went with the hair even though it wasn't what she wanted, ultimately had a good attitude about the whole thing AND we got their in record time. I'm thankful for a God that is concerned with the smallest details of our life - and for green lights all the way!

5. It's swim season!  I love summer swim season and one of the reasons is that I get to spend extra time with my bestie.  Last night while the kids were practicing we walked for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Always thankful for time with her especially when it includes lots of laughs and lots of calories burned!

6. And speaking of calories burned - my husband has lost 20 pounds since Easter doing a low carb diet.  He's frustrated that he hasn't lost more but he looks great!  I'm thankful that he wants to lose weight because it's getting easier to pack on the pounds the older we get and a lot harder to take them off.  I want us to be healthy in our old age!  :)

7.  Sunshine!  It has been so sunny around here this past week and the humidity has dropped some as well.  I am always thankful for sunshine. 

What are you thankful for this week?

1 comment:

Madeline said...

All wonderful things to be thankful for! Happy birthday to your dad!

And yes, God does care about the tiny details! Good for you for not saying "I know there are bigger issues but... which is a trap I think we can all be caught in when it comes to prayer.