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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 26

It's Thursday and here are just a few of the things I'm thankful for this week:

1.  I got my Blogger comments back in email!  If you aren't a blogger then you are probably scratching your head.  Previously any time someone would leave a comment in the blog comment section below, I would get an email with that comment.  And if the commenters included their email address, I could respond.  BUT - something happened a few weeks ago an no one (not just me) was getting their comments via email.  You had to manually go back to the blog post and look in the comments section and you had no way of responding to comments.

I kept putting it on my to-do list to figure out what was going on (aka - Google it and see if someone else had figure out how to correct the problem.) But I never got around to it.  Yesterday, however, Gigi, another blogger I read regularly posted the fix to the problem and yay!  Now my comments are coming back to me in email.  I'm very happy!  Thank you Gigi!

And a cool side note about Gigi - I can't remember exactly  how I found her blog but we read and follow a lot of the same people so I'm sure it's from that.  Any who her son actually graduated from Peter and Sarah's school AND briefly taught there as a substitute teacher this past year while he was looking for a permanent teaching job.  It really IS a small world after all...

2. Dan made it home from his trip safe and sound last week.  He had other customer meetings this week but they were local so even though he got home late every night this week and missed another swim meet, at least he got to sleep in his own bed and we got to see him every night for a little bit.

3. I finally convinced Peter to see my hair stylist since he actually has hair now.  The barber is fine when you are just getting a buzz with a razor but Peter has very thick hair and since he wants it a litle longer, he needs a stylist.  He balked for a while but after a hack job from a well meaning and sweet little old barber, he finally agreed.  His hair is looking much much better now and yesterday he got the best cut yet.  I love my hairstylist and am very thankful for her!

Our little garden is starting to produce! We are getting a good crop of cucumbers and there are quite a few peppers to be picked as well.  AND......we have a ton of green tomatoes on the vine.  I am getting very anxious to have a tomato sandwich in the very near future!

5. It was overcast all day on Tuesday and looked like it might rain at any minute for must of the day BUT we got our full swim meet in with zero delays and even though we were swimming a big team since it was only one team (and not two teams like the previous two meets), we managed to finish the entire meet at a reasonable time.  All the praise hands!!

6. Peter is making good progress on his Eagle Scout project thanks to my brother.  He is keeping him on task and making sure they stick to a reasonable schedule for getting the work completed.  Although I'm sure Peter would complain that the schedule is too strict but's getting done and for that we are all thankful - even Peter!  ;)

What are you all thankful for this week?


Gigi said...

You are so welcome, Beth! That's one of the things I love (and am grateful for) about the blogging community, we help each other out. And yes, it IS a small world - my son is also an assistant coach for the football team at that school. Does Peter have any interest in playing football? ;-)

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