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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dance, Bowling, Cookout, Graduation. 8th Grade is over!

May might be finished but we are over here still trying to get it done.  Peter has exams this week and will finally be finished on Friday.  Sarah has had a whirlwind of activities as she completes her time in middle school.

Sarah's class has always been small. We got to Our Lady of Mercy for Sarah's 2nd grade year and the class had 18.  Through the years people moved, other people came, more people left, more people came, etc. and for the last 3 or 4 years the number stayed around 15 kids.

I love that small number for instruction in class but y'all - when the class is small and there is any sort of drama (and there will ALWAYS be drama in middle school regardless of the school)  everyone felt it.  But I will have to say, and I think Sarah will agree, all of it made their class stronger.  They learned to accept each other, call each other out when necessary, forgive, and ultimately love.  This class is small but mighty and I expect big things from them in the future.  

We will start with Friday night.  This was the 8th Grade Graduation Dance.  Her class decided they wanted to go out to dinner beforehand.  The kids decided this together on their own, picked the place, made the reservation and basically just had the adults get them there.  (Well, and several also stayed to chaperone.)

We didn't have much time between the end of school and when she had to be at the restaurant and there was an issue with her hair that I won't go into.  After a lot of stress, a few tears, and then thankfully, the miracle of a lot of green lights, we got there only 20 minutes late. (She texted ahead and one of the kids placed her order.)  I only had a chance to snap this one picture as she was rushing in to the restaurant.

Here they are at dinner:

Here is Sarah right before the dance:

 Sarah and her two school besties, Gabi and Margaret:

The tradition for the 8th grade dance is that the 7th graders escort the 8th graders in. Since there were less 8th graders than 7th graders, Sarah got two handsome escorts:

And here are is a shot of Sarah with Oscar, Margaret and Jorge.  I have named them the Fab Four because I think the realization that they are about to leave middle school has made them want to spend every waking minute together.

As soon as Sarah got up on Saturday morning she and the other members of the Fab Four started scheming.  They wanted to go bowling on Saturday night.  Dan and I agreed to chaperone and Jorge's parents agreed to come as well.

So we headed out to the bowling alley and got lanes on separate sides:

After bowling two games, the asked if they could go to the movies.  It was too late for that (already 9:30) but we agreed to take them downtown for a snack and they wanted to take pics in front of some cool sculptures and murals.

Then on Sunday,we had another event with the 8th grade.  One of the families hosted a cookout and we had a great time! These are the only two pics from that fun night. 

Then on Monday, Our Lady of Mercy had it's annual school picnic.  It's offsite at a local park and it lasts all day.

And then finally, last night was 8th Grade Graduation Mass.

And THEN - after graduation last night the Fab Four begged to go to dinner.  So we all agreed and went out to eat at 8:45 PM. 

Whew! We made it!  And Dan and I are exhausted.  We are basically homebodies who are typically in bed by 10:00.  But for FOUR of the last FIVE nights we haven't gotten to bed until MIDNIGHT.  I just can't keep up with my 14-year-old. 

I'm tired, but it's been good. 

Best wishes to the Our Lady of Mercy Class of 2018.  Go get 'em guys!


Madeline said...

Wow so many activities and celebrations! How fun for Sarah. (And probably tiring for you.) Will the fab 4 attend the same high school or is this the last hurrah for them as well? Hoping Peter finished up strong too! The last push is hard!

Billie Jo said...

Such a wonderful time in all your lives!!!!
She is beautiful. And I love her dress for graduation!
You are a beautiful family, and I always enjoy hearing about your adventures.
You should come here for a visit.
The kids and I have somehow managed to create a bedtime of 1:00 AM!!!
Minus Flynn of course!
And Steve. : )