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Monday, January 8, 2018

Weird week, weather report, and weekend update.

It's Monday and it's a weird one.  Well, actually, this whole week is going to be weird.

Peter has exams Monday - Thursday and is off on Friday.  There are two exams each day and they start later than the normal school time and end earlier which means my whole schedule is thrown off.

And add to the mix that they are calling for sleet this afternoon and Sarah's school (as well as alllllllll the others) are dismissing early.  It is sunny outside right now and around 34 degrees.  The school systems are expecting that IF we get the afternoon precipitation they are expecting it will immediately freeze on the roads because it has been in the teens for the last two weeks.  The teens!!  That is abnormally cold for around here.

But, have no fear, if we can make it past today, it's supposed to be into the 50s tomorrow and a blessed 63 on Friday?!?!

Now that I've got the weather report out of the way, let's move on to the weekend update.

Sarah's school had their 7th and 8th-grade dance on Friday night!  As the 8th-grade room parent, I was in charge of decorating.  We had a bunch of large snowflakes (thankfully purchased from Amazon) hanging from the ceiling and 5 of those lights that project on the side of your house (thankfully purchased from Walmart after Christmas and marked way down).  These lights projected snowflakes and it looked really cool. 

And of course, my girl looked beautiful:

She couldn't find any dress she liked, so we compromised.  I would get her these little booties and she would borrow a dress from Cheyanne.  The dress was perfect and Sarah's excited that she has these booties that she's been wanting for a long time.  

And she wanted a picture with Wally.

On Saturday, Dan helped my brother fix the door handle on his truck and we went to lunch.  When we got home, I made this delicious dessert for Sunday lunch:

It was Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie and everyone gave it two thumbs up!  Here's the link to the recipe I used.

On Sunday we went to Mass and had lunch at my parent's house.  We watched the Panther's game and then before I knew it, it was Monday.  

Have a great week!


Madeline said...

I am sorry it's so cold there!! But I am jealous of your low 60s!! We have a weird week too though, no school on Thursday, Friday or next Monday. Sarah looks beautiful as always, I hope she had a wonderful time.

Gigi said...

This weather has been miserable! I'm definitely ready for a warm up. That pie looks amazing.

Billie Jo said...

Sarah is looks lovely!
And your dessert looks amazing!
Freezing here with snow....50 by the weekend. Go figure!

Mari said...

Sarah looks so pretty! The dessert looks yummy. :)
It made it to the 30's here today. Such a relief but cold is returned this weekend...

Ernie said...

Oh poor Peter. I hate exams after break. Our high school just switched in the last few years to exams before break. I think that makes for a much more relaxing break. Sarah looks so lovely! Hope the dance was fun!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sarah looks lovely.....I like her booties too.
The dessert looks decadent; nice job!