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Monday, October 9, 2017

Weather, hernias, and Wally. Just another day in our neck of the woods.

Here's a picture of the tree in our backyard.  I love this old tree!

It's been rainy and HOT here and today looks to be no different.  It was so muggy when Dan and I stepped outside at 7:20 last night to pick up Sarah from Confirmation class that he declared it felt more like a July evening than and October evening. He was right.

Even as I type at 7:30 AM the air conditioning is running because it's 76 degrees right now according to my outdoor thermometer.  The weather forecast is calling for rain all week so it will LOOK like fall outside but it will NOT feel like it.

Now that I've covered the weather,  I know you really all came by for today was a Dan update.  Right? 

He's doing better.  He's finally able to stand almost upright as he slowly walks around. For most of the time since his surgery he has walked hunched over like a little old man.   He's still very stiff and sore but that is improving each day.  And he went to work this morning.  His problem now is his throat.  It has been sore ever since the surgery. 

The first couple of days we attributed the soreness to the anesthesia as that can be a side effect according to Google.  But we are 5 days out now and the pain is getting worse and his uvula (the little hangy down thing in the back of his throat) is covered with white spots.  I think it's strep but the white spots aren't spreading and he has absolutely no fever. So, who knows?   He said the nice thing about the throat pain is that it takes his mind off of the pain around his incisions. He is going to the doctor this afternoon so hopefully he can get some answers and some relief.

Peter headed out the door this morning  in his new pjs for the start of Spirit Week.  He seemed less than thrilled with the whole thing and even though I thought about taking a picture, I didn't even dare to ask. 

So, picture if you will, a tall lanky brown haired kid with a semi-scowl on his face wearing plaid pajama bottoms, a grey tee shirt and a blue sweatshirt and you've got Spirit Week in the Cotell house! 

And just because I can't leave you with the image of a surly teenager in your minds, here's my baby:

Somebody can't get enough of mommy!  :)


Madeline said...

Oh surly teenagers I have experience with! I hope that pajama day turned out okay for him and wasn't too awful. Glad to hear Dan is standing up straight but I hope his throat is okay!!

Pam said...

You've had a lot on your plate. I remember pajama day. I think they should skip that for kids older then K-5. We don't need kids to be thinking about other kids in their pajamas. Kids got enough problems. LOL I'm glad Dan is up and about. It does sound kinda streppy. I hope he gets better quick. Your kitty is a doll. :)

Mari said...

Poor Dan! It sounds like strep to me. I hope it is, then antibiotics will have him feeling better quick.
Poor you too! This has been a lot.

UplayOnline said...

Glad to hear Dan is standing up straight but I hope his throat is okay!!