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Friday, October 20, 2017

Dressing room mirrors don't lie.

Last night was a swim night and I had to drive carpool so that meant a delicious crock pot dinner at 8:20 PM.  (Thankfully only one more week of fall swim practice so we will soon be back to our normal 7:00 or 7:30 dinner time!)

We were having chili last night and as we were eating, Peter said, "Why do you have to put beans and tomatoes in this?"

"Well, because if I didn't, then it would just be spicy hamburger meat."

And through the whole meal, Sarah kept coughing and saying between choking noises, "Spicy.  It's so spicy!"

So guess what on  next week's menu? A big bowl of plain ground beef.


I have spent  two days - TWO DAYS - trying to figure out what to wear for our pictures on Sunday.  The kids and Dan were no problem.  I'm the issue.

The first day was spent trying on dresses and realizing that I hate everything.  In case you aren't in to fashion, let me enlighten you.  Florals are big right now. Guess what I don't like to wear?  And with every floral dress I tried on, I felt more and more like a fat flower garden.

I found a few casual solid color dresses but there was something wrong with each one of them: too low cut, too long, too short, too baggy, too tight.....  So I went home in disgust and ate a salad for lunch.  (And was shocked the next morning when I woke up and had not lost any weight.)

I headed out yesterday morning in search of a shirt or sweater or something that would look decent.  That's harder than it sounds but after much huffing and puffing and muttering under my breath in countless dressing rooms, I found a shirt that I don't hate (I don't necessarily love it either), that  goes with the colors of the other outfits, goes with a pair of pants I already have, and looks age appropriate (because most of the stuff I tried on was designed for either a 17-year-old girl or a 71-year-old woman).

Here's what we are going with:

And yes, it took me TWO DAYS to decide on a burgundy shirt. 

After spending two days in dressing rooms staring at my fat under florescent lights, I laced up the old sneakers this morning and went for a brisk 2 mile walk.  I'm going to attempt to start walking in the mornings.  Although, just three or four weeks ago I said the same thing and went exactly ONCE.

That morning several weeks ago, I talked to a neighbor who I would see when I used to RUN every morning and I told her then I was trying to get back into shape.  So of course, this morning when I'm out she's walking her dog and said, "Hello!  I haven't seen you in a while but then again I don't see everyone so maybe I missed you."

"Nope.  You didn't miss me.  I have good intentions but poor follow through when it comes to exercising."

We'll see if I lace up those sneakers again on Monday morning or if I just decide to wait until spring.

We've got another full weekend.  Tonight is the last home football game of the season and it's the News2  Game of the Week.  Maybe I'll be on TV!

Sarah has a Confirmation retreat all day on Saturday and Peter has another driving lesson.  And of course, we have PICTURES on Sunday afternoon.

Have a great weekend!


Anna B. said...
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Mari said...

I am laughing over here - I love the thought o you serving plain hamburger! :)
Finding the right clothes is so hard sometimes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I noticed while shopping with Lindsay a few weeks ago that those big flower prints are in.....and they're making them in the ugliest of colors. (drab, blah) I think what you chose for everyone is really nice and complementary. Good luck on the exercising; it's hit or miss for me lately too. And I feel it.