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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Don't forget a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast!

Today is PSAT day at Peter's school.  I mentioned to him last night that it might be a good idea to look through the booklet they sent home and he grudgingly did.  He headed out to school this morning with extra #2 pencils and his calculator so I guess he's ready. 

A good mom would have made him bacon and eggs and toast but y'all - breakfast food is the worst and the thought of eating all of that first thing in the morning makes me queasy.  Luckily Peter and Sarah feel the same way way.  A bowl of cereal is all they want in the mornings.  Dan on the other hand loves breakfast so he's he only one getting a raw deal with my loathing of breakfast. 

We do all love bacon though and sometimes on Sunday evening I will make a pack of eat for us to snack on (or put on BLTs when we have fresh tomatoes).  My mom makes a huge lunch on Sundays and we're never really hungry on Sunday evening so we just usually snack.  Bacon makes everyone happy! 

Yesterday Peter wore Dan's old Patriots jersey to Mathletes vs. Athletes day.  Unfortunately, in typical Peter fashion, he didn't try it on until yesterday morning and the fit was really odd.  It was an "authentic" jersey so the shoulders were really wide (I am assuming for shoulder pads, because you know, most fans put on shoulder pads when they are watching the game....) so he said that he had to wear his sweatshirt over it for most of the day because it kept falling down in the front and in his words, "I didn't want my nipples showing all day!" Ha!

Most kids were wearing sports jerseys or uniforms but I did see some very good nerd outfits complete with pocket protectors, suspenders, and taped eye glasses! 

Peter gets out early today so he and I will be heading back to the Halloween store.  The wig I got him yesterday was too heavy metal/glam metal according to him.  He has a very specific look he is trying to accomplish for character day (in fact, it's a particular death metal singer) and I'm just not sure if we are going to be able to pull that off or not.  We're going to try though....

Sarah had swim practice last night and it was so hot at the pool.  I was sweating just sitting in the bleachers.  The kids said the water was hot too and they all had red faces when they got out.  It didn't help that when we got in the car at 7:40 to head home the thermometer was reading 85.  I'm a summer/hot weather girl but even I would like some cooler temps. 

That's it for my daily update.  As I mentioned previously, I'm trying to post more regularly so be prepared for lots of boring details of our life! 
Blurry photo of Sarah at swim practice.  She's the one in the middle doing backstroke!

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Maria (also Bia) said...

Yesterday, during my sons' tennis championship, it was over 90 degrees and the humidity was off the charts. I am so over this warm weather. I am sick of my spring/summer clothes. Crossing my fingers for cooler temps this weekend ... maybe low 80's? I'll take it ;-)