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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A trunk, a cake, and an uncarved pumpkin.

So, where were we?

Last I left you, it was Friday and we were about to embark on the weekend.  Let me just give you a quick update.

The annual Halloween Hullabaloo was Friday at Sarah's school.  I participated in the Trunk-or-Treat and handed out candy to all the little kids (and some of the big ones, too!)

 Here' my Dollar Store trunk:

I think it looks pretty good but you guys should have seen some of the other trunks!  There are some really creative people out there!  I had some white cotton that I've used previously to hang as spider webs with little plastic spiders hanging in ti  but didn't feel like dealing with it so I didn't.  And you know what? It was fine!

On Saturday, Sarah went to the mall and to the movies with some friends which meant I was in charge of baking Sunday dessert.  I made a copycat version of a Red Velvet Nothing Bundt Cake.  It turned out really well.  It was very moist and tasted alllllllllmost (but not quite) like the real thing.  My mom said it was better but I'm not sure.  Everyone ate it right up and I will be making one for Thanksgiving so I guess you could say it was a hit.  And the cost savings over a NBC is huge. The only downside is that I need a little practice piping the frosting. Hopefully I will have a steadier hand for the next one:

And yes, the entire center of the cake is filled with cream cheese frosting!

The recipe can be found here at Mom Loves Baking.  I followed her recipe exactly as written.  The only thing I plan on doing differently next time is not beating the frosting quite as long.  She said to beat it two full minutes after everything was incorporated but that made the frosting a little loose.  I like a firmer cream cheese frosting and I think it would make it easier to pipe as well if it weren't so loose.

Peter was supposed to have his last driving class on Sunday but right after lunch he had an allergic reaction to something and his right eye swelled to almost shut.  He had to take a Benadryl which of course led to a 2 hour nap so I had to reschedule.

Luckily the Patriots game was showing around here so we got to watch that.  It wasn't pretty but it was a W so we will take it! 

We were planning on carving the pumpkin but never got around to it.  Then yesterday Dan had his post-op appointment and came home from work immediately after so he was home early!  He needed a new coat so we went out to get it and on the way home discussed carving the pumpkin.  Ultimately we decided against it.  The kids could not care less, so why go through the hassle?  That sounds like the Halloween version of bah humbug.  Just call us the Scrooges of Halloween!

And with that, you are all caught up on life at the Cotell home!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!

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Mari said...

Pumpkins look cute uncarved, and last longer, right?
That cake sounds marvelous! Thanks for the recipe.